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9 Ways Video Production For Small Businesses Increase Sales

Small businesses are turning to video production as viable means to expand their business and strengthen their brand. Branded video content is a powerful way for small businesses to share their story and validate their market position.

Professional video marketing can be affordable and is a necessary strategy for targeting ideal customers.

As a small business, assigning your budget to efforts that provide an ROI is critical. Consumers who identify with a brand and believe that a product or service can solve their problem are more likely to purchase or opt-in for more information.

Video production for small businesses can help you grow by increasing brand awareness with relatable content and a powerful call to action.

Keep reading to discover why small companies turn to video production and the four essential types of video content to improve your marketing efforts.

video production for small businesses

Why Do Small Businesses Need Video Marketing?

Small businesses need video marketing because consumers prefer and expect this content. Video marketing is an excellent form of communication because of its ability to evoke an emotional connection with its target audience.

According to HubSpot Research, more than 50% of consumers want to see videos from brands. Additionally, most social media apps, like Facebook and Instagram, are embracing more visual layouts. It's good to make a few marketing videos to keep up with these trends. -

Social media platforms have normalized video content and helped spread its popularity because it is engaging and shareable.

Video is a marketing tool you can't afford to pass up. And it doesn't have to break the bank. Consumers today don't necessarily need flashy or highly produced content—authenticity counts. -

Video production for small businesses can provide marketing content that strips away gimmicks and traditional advertising ploys to share authentic stories that genuinely engage their audience.

Even company executives are now pushing for information to be shared via video rather than traditional methods like text. According to a Forbes Insight survey, 83% of senior executives say they watched more videos than last year. Maybe that's why 52% of marketing experts said video has the greatest return on investment in the same survey.

Perhaps the most crucial stat for marketers is that 99% of those who use video content do so again the following year. Once a video is shared, the results speak for themselves. -

Video is here to stay; as we move further into the future, video production for small businesses will become an exceedingly crucial marketing strategy.

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How Do Small Businesses Use Videos?

Video content is one of the most effective ways to share stories relatable to customers and demonstrate empathy for their problems related to your product or service.

Small businesses use videos to engage their target audience with relatable, story-driven content. Small companies must connect with potential customers to build brand trust and recognition.

Small businesses can use videos to communicate their expertise in a specific niche and build credibility for their organization in the eyes of consumers.

If marketers can promote a company's authenticity through branded storytelling, it can help consumers trust that company and develop a long-lasting relationship. -

Video production for small businesses can help create authentic connections with their audience to solidify brand recall, create new leads, and expand their customer base.

9 Ways Small Businesses Can Use Video To Increase Revenue

  1. Communicate The Values That Drive Your Business

  2. Share Your Vision And Purpose

  3. Introduce The Culture Of You Team

  4. Share Customer Success Stories From Happy Clients

  5. Demonstrate How A Product Or Service Works

  6. Increase Leads With Next Steps And Clear CTA's

  7. Provide Accessible, Shareable Content For Various Online Platforms

  8. Educate Their Customers To Improve The Buyers Journey

  9. Improve Dwell Time On Website Or Landing Pages

Video production for small businesses is an effective and versatile way to quickly build a loyal customer base.

Small businesses can use video to communicate their values and unique selling proposition to engage their audience with a compelling call to action.

What Type Of Marketing Videos Should Small Businesses Use?

Small businesses can use four marketing videos to grow their audience and increase revenue: testimonial videos, branding videos, culture videos, and explainers.

Branded content can help your business attract new leads and customers by demonstrating empathy, authenticity, and credibility in solving their specific problems related to your product.

The enjoyment of video advertising increases purchase intent by 97% and brand association by 139%. -

Small businesses that use marketing videos to communicate with their audience experience higher retention and recognition, critical for winning new customers.

marketing videos for small businesses

4 Essential Types Of Video Production For Small Businesses To Use

Testimonial videos can help your business establish trust within a community. When clients and customers can see the work you've done in the past and the actual impact on someone's life, they are far more likely to trust your small business.

Testimonials are one of the most vital types of videos you can make. They give your brand credibility, and because people trust other people's opinions so strongly, it's the closest thing to a personal recommendation. -

Social proof is vital to successful brands, and customer testimonials will help build valuable trust for your company.

Brand videos humanize your small business and provide relatable content for customers to identify with your company. Establishing a recognizable company that customers enjoy associating with starts with effective branding.

A Branded documentary or branded short films are powerful ways to share your brand story to strengthen customer engagement by clarifying why you exist and what you do best.

A powerful brand story is essential for small businesses to reach more potential customers. You'll establish long-lasting customer relationships and loyalty by telling a simple and clear story that resonates with your customers. -

Authentic stories that resonate with your target customer and are relevant to your brand can create trust, credibility, and loyalty to your small business.

A culture video is a great way to create a community around shared beliefs. Culture videos can help you align your entire team and customer base by communicating important values to your small business.

These videos let customers see who you are behind the scenes as both individual employees and a collective company. There's no better way to connect with your fans than by giving them a behind-the-scenes peek into the goings-on at your office. -

A great company culture video can inspire teams or customers to support your small business when they share the same beliefs and witness leadership model the values.

You can also use culture videos to recruit top talent that you want to work in your small business. Employee testimonials are a powerful way to verify that you value your employee's well-being and live by the value you communicate to create a desirable and healthy team culture.

Explainer videos help demonstrate to customers, team members, and executives how a product, service, or process works. Explainer videos are effective because they allow people to see the product or service in action.

Sometimes, with manuals or handbooks, people can misinterpret instruction or a vital step. This misunderstanding can create frustration and dissatisfaction for those engaging with your business.

With compelling visuals and simple explanations, small businesses can educate customers or team members to improve their user experience.

A product explainer video does more than explain what your product does. It presents a customer pain point and provides a solution in the form of your product. -

Explainer videos are a handy reference that your customers or team can come back to when they have questions. With these kinds of videos, you can reduce customer service calls and employee training because they can access the video independently if they have a question.

How Many Small Businesses Use Video Marketing?

Only a small percentage of small businesses use video marketing which creates tremendous opportunities for companies to capitalize on this marketing gap. Video content is the consumer's preferred type of content; however, less than half of small size companies choose to use it.

About one-third of small businesses (34%) invest in video marketing, while only 27% plan to invest more; however, video marketing can be extremely lucrative for small businesses. -

You may think only big businesses and a few lucky smaller ones could afford to do something like video marketing. A few decades ago, you might have been right. However, today that is not the case.

World-class video production is more affordable than ever. Videography for small businesses is accessible and within reach due to efficient production agencies and project-based video marketing packages.

small business video services

So Really, How Can Video Production For Small Businesses Help Increase Revenue?

Video production for small businesses can help increase revenue directly and indirectly by connecting you with your team and customers.

Branded video content production can establish credibility in the marketplace, build community, and strengthen brand recall to provide long-lasting results.

Using the four essential types of video production for small businesses, you can increase revenue by expanding your reach to potential clients and supporting your current customer base.

Contact us today to discuss video production for small businesses. We offer free 30-minute consultations and are passionate about helping small to mid-size companies improve their marketing efforts.

Iron House Studios offers three pricing options to fit your creative needs and budget. We believe in helping the average, everyday person running a small business be heard and seen through storytelling.

We think your story can make an impact and look forward to working alongside you to grow your business.

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