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It is said that iron sharpens iron. Meaning, it takes something hard to shape something hard. But at Iron House, we take that a step further.


We believe people sharpen people.


That has been our guiding inspiration since Brayton Deal started this business a few short years ago, after a brief conversation with his dad. It was just one sentence shared between father and son, but it both grounded Brayton and set him free: “We’re entrepreneurs in this family,” his dad said. “This is what we do.” 

Those words gave Brayton the confidence he needed to completely change the trajectory of his life. 

He decided, right then and there, that he would help the average, everyday person be heard and seen through storytelling. Celebrating their hard work, their authenticity, and believing that their story can actually have an impact.


We believe we make each other better and that kind of daily aspiration is invaluable to our clients. We also believe in telling the truth, communicating simply, human to human. People sharpening people. 

This approach benefits everyone. Our clients get excellent, accessible video that delivers their objectives. And we get the satisfaction of a job well done. We’re not chasing awards, we’re truly one of you – genuine entrepreneurs looking for marketing solutions that help your organization.

Working with our clients, side by side, sharpening one another.

Strong as iron.

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