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About Us

We're Cincinnati's genuine video production agency because we believe organizations big and small should have equal access to good video. 


How it started...

Brayton Deal founded Iron House Studios in 2015 with the core conviction that “Genuine People Run the World”. With that, he set out to build a company that would use storytelling to help grow organizations to their full potential using professional video content. From the beginning, Brayton felt that telling real stories was the answer to changing the professional video advertising industry for the better. He’s worked on advertising campaigns from local businesses to national audiences.

Where we are headed...

Today, Iron House Studios stands as a skilled team of creatives who produce videos for the education system, healthcare facilities, non-profits, and corporations. By simplifying the video process, Iron House Studios has made video accessible to businesses with stories to tell. Most video production agencies appeal with their "award-winning video." Iron House Studios is set apart by telling award-winning stories.

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