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How To Create Employee Testimonials That Attract Top Talent

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

Do you want to find top talent to join your team? Finding and hiring high-performers is a marker of the best employers. Creating talent-dense work cultures requires attracting the best individuals for the position. One of the best ways to do this is to utilize employee testimonials.

Allowing potential hires to hear from current employees about why they love working at your company and what it's like to work for you is a powerful way to set your organization apart from everyone else.

The goal is to show potential candidates how fulfilling and rewarding it is to be part of your team. This blog post will discuss creating these incredible videos to help attract top talent and inspire those already on staff.

What Is An Employee Testimonial?

Employee testimonials are short video-driven content where employees share what they enjoy most about working for a company. These statements often elaborate on the company culture, why they like their job, and the opportunities to develop and grow professionally.

The most compelling statements about employee satisfaction at your business will come from those who work there. These insightful stories help new potential candidates evaluate the opportunity and ensure a great fit. They are also inspiring communication pieces for your current staff.

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How Employee Testimonial Videos Can Attract Top Talent to Your Team

Employee testimonials can attract top talent to your business because this form of content can communicate that your company invests in its team members and cares about their well-being. Job testimonials appeal to candidates because they discuss things they care about, like company culture, work-life balance, and insight into current team members.

3 Ways Employee Testimonials Attract Top Talent

Candidates Can Learn About Company Culture From Current Employees

Employee testimonials can highlight the company culture by providing a behind-the-scenes look at how employees work together, communicate, and build strong relationships in the workplace.

Your business may share several similarities with your competitors. However, your company's culture is one thing that makes you distinct and different. People are hungry to work in healthy, thriving cultures, and utilizing testimonials can emphasize this aspect.

When employees voluntarily take the time to share their positive experiences at your company, it shows potential hires that they will be joining a team of talented and like-minded individuals.

Potential Hires Can Discover Your Employer Value Proposition (EVP)

Testimonials from employees also allow you to educate potential candidates about your employer value proposition (EVP), which are the things that make working at your organization rewarding. These unique aspects of your company provide insight into the practical ways your business applies its values, specifically concerning employees.

Gartner's research found that the things that make up a compelling EVP include compensation, work-life balance, stability, location, and respect for most people. Essentially, an employee value proposition should provide incentives that reward hard work and create a supportive, inclusive work environment for all.

Failing to share about your companies EVP can be a big miss. By sharing employee testimonials, potential hires can get a glimpse into how employment at your business can add value to their life. Creating videos that effectively communicate this can be the difference-maker in gaining or losing the best talent.

Videos Bring Testimonials To Life For Job Candidates

Employee testimonial videos give your business personality, which can help humanize your brand for potential hires. People want to see and believe that their work matters and that their employers care for them.

Rather than reading about your company, candidates can watch and listen as employees share about their work experience. Observing things like posture, tone, and facial expression are indicators of sincerity. These powerful communication tools can get lost in written text or statements posted on your website.

A testimonial video can show new hires how much you care about them and your company's actionable steps to ensure employee satisfaction.

Why Employee Testimonials Are Important

Employee testimonials are essential to your business because they help separate you from competitors, humanize your brand, and communicate the value your company can add to its team members.

Utilizing stories from your employees in your recruiting efforts is beneficial to potential candidates and your hiring process. They can help you find the best talent faster, saving you money and time.

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5 Important Benefits Of Creating Employee Testimonial Videos

  • Job testimonials give you an edge over the competition - Any advantage you can get in a tight job market is crucial. And when it comes to attracting top talent, employee testimonials can give you an edge over your competitors who may not be using them or doing them poorly.

  • Stories from employees humanize your business - Potential hires often see a company online without knowing what it's like to work there. Employee testimonials make your company feel more human and accessible.

  • Employee testimonies build trust with potential job candidates - Nobody wants to work for a faceless company, and job testimonials from employees can help people get to know you better through the voices of employees working there every day.

  • Honest stories from real people provide transparency - Employee testimonials are a great way to be transparent about your business. When potential hires can observe current employees who willingly share their experience, it conveys that they are willing to have open communication.

  • Employees with talent are attractional to high-performers - If one of your employees is publicly raving about their job or company, it can make other potential hires want to be a part of the team. As a bonus, it also makes your current employees feel appreciated and proud to be a part of a great team.

If these benefits don't convince you, maybe the statistics will. 86% of employees said that a company's reputation affects their decision to apply for a position in the company. And 86% of job seekers said that they check reviews and ratings when deciding whether or not to apply for a job at a company.

It s crucial for employers to take control of the narrative if they intend to attract top talent to your team. Utilizing powerful testimonies from your employees using video-driven content is the best way to stories about how individuals can thrive at your company.

What Makes for the Best Employee Testimonials?

High-quality job candidates will research potential employers to find out:

  • Why current employees want to work there and why they stay

  • The type of culture that exists within the company

  • What does the company value, and do its actions align

  • Why are the products or services important

Therefore, to create compelling employee testimonial videos, companies must focus on:

  • The company vision

  • Opportunities for employee growth

  • Company culture

  • Unique benefits and rewards of being an employee

  • How your product or service solves customers' problems

  • Word-of-mouth about your company that matches employees' claims

How to Ask for Employee Testimonials

Depending on the size of your company and how many employees you have, using email can be an excellent way to request testimonials, especially when there are many people in roles at different levels throughout the organization.

Generally speaking, certain times of year are more convenient than others to request employee testimonials. Some good times to send out a request letter include:

  • After a promotion

  • After increasing employees salaries

  • After a bonus pay

  • When employees have received their salaries

Requesting feedback through email can also allow more time to formulate thorough responses from each participant (if that's something you require).

The employer-employee relationship can be tricky, and asking for employee testimonials is a critical piece of communication. We are happy to assist with this in any way that we can.

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Get Help Creating Powerfully Effective Employee Testimonies For Your Business

Employee testimonials can benefit your recruitment process in several critical ways. To create the most effective employee testimonials, you need help producing the best content to represent your business.

We are a team of professionals who help you find the best stories in your organization that attract the best new hires to help your business grow. We specialize in creating videos that highlight the culture and vision of your companies through the voice of your employees; we live for this! To learn more about how we can help you create employee testimonials, reach out to us today.

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