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3 Ways Company Culture Videos Sharpen Your Competitive Edge

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

Finding the right candidate to fill a position in your company can be difficult. You don't just want somebody who knows the route steps of their job; you want someone who shares your values and wants to see your company grow as much as you do. Still, how exactly do they give you that competitive edge? One of the best ways to do this is to use company cultural videos.

Company culture videos give you a competitive edge when recruiting because they help prospective candidates gain compelling insight into the values that drive your workplace.

Individuals want to be part of a team they believe in and do meaningful work. When a company shares its values and the unique problem it solves, attracting the best prospects becomes easy. Utilizing company culture videos will help the ideal candidates choose your business as an opportunity for employment.

It's better now than later to start creating company culture videos for your business. The best company culture videos help you reach top talent and inspire your team to unify around your organization's values. In our guide below, you'll learn how your business can begin using company culture videos in the recruiting process, along with why they are effective and more than a passing trend.

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What Are Company Culture Videos?

Company culture videos allow prospective employees to learn the organization's values, why the business exists, how it serves its customer, and how team members experience fulfillment. Ultimately, these videos help your company and prospective candidates ensure that you align around these four critical areas.

Why Are Company Culture Videos Important?

Company culture videos are important because they can help business leaders and managers recruit the best employees who align with their values faster. Attracting top talent, saving time, and cutting costs make the recruiting process better for everyone.

Candidates will be more likely to choose your company because they know what to expect. Great company culture videos inspire potential hires by communicating the beliefs and behaviors that help your team thrive in a healthy environment.

Employees long want to feel inspired by their work and safe within their team. Conveying how your company cares about its team members and helps individuals experience fulfillment in their role is a critical communication piece that many are not offering or fail to share - don't let that be your business.

Company culture videos compel the best candidates for the role and will be a great fit within the team. Sharing your values, why you serve your customers, and how employees can find purpose is highly beneficial to the organization.

What Makes for an Effective Company Culture Video?

Effective company culture videos engage viewers emotionally and intellectually using compelling storytelling. These videos build trust with your brand and make it hyper-attractional to top talent. To do this, they must share the vision and values of an organization in an inspiring, genuine, and evocative way.

The best corporate culture videos tell a story about the organization's beliefs, values, and mission, making the desire to be a part of the team irresistible to the right candidates.

These videos should have an intimate feel and include real people who work within the organization. Avoid poor production, unconvincing actors, and generic content. Authentic and genuine production will always win the day!

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How Can Company Culture Videos Inspire Your Team?

Company culture videos can inspire your team when they provide a repeatable narrative, illustrate values that reinforce care for employees, and stories to unify your staff around a shared vision.

With so much messaging available at the fingertips of almost every person, companies must keep their vision at the forefront of the team member's minds. Sharing videos that support your company's culture is not a one-time event; you should use them to revisit your values consistently.

3 Benefits Of Using Company Culture Videos To Inspire Your Team

  • Workplace culture videos connect human emotion to your business: It's human nature to hunger for connection. When employees know stories about how their work makes a difference, they are more likely to be loyal and genuinely feel part of it.

  • Video helps capture genuine communication: When employees know you appreciate them and share the same values, it can motivate your team to give their best. Using video can help draw similar people who share your company values when recruiting.

  • Culture videos can demonstrate the leader's level of investment in the team: Quality employees want to know their leader cares about the team as much as the bottom line. As employees observe that the leaders are committed to building the best team possible and providing a healthy environment, they are far more likely to become invested. A company cultural video helps you share that from stage one with recruits.

The reasons for using company culture videos come down to one key element–unity. A unified team can accomplish anything, and your business's possibilities expand exponentially.

The Best Way to Create Company Culture Videos For Your Business

Discovering the best stories and most powerful ways to communicate about the culture of your business requires understanding how to create genuine, empathic-driven content.

Turning the story of company culture into engaging videos that attract top talent and inspire your team is possible with the right help. While you or someone on your team can use the guiding principles in this post to create a video, it could fall flat unless you understand how to uncover and capture the best content from your team.

On the other hand, with the help of professionals, you get years of experience and a whole team who know what they're doing. Storytelling is an art, and your company deserves to create the best content possible.

Get Help Creating a Recruitment Video for Your Business

If you're ready to create videos for your business, we can help you at Iron House Studios. With loads of experience and examples you can watch, we can answer any questions you have.

We prefer to work side by side with our clients. To learn more about our process or work, check out the example video on the company culture page.

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So Really, How Can Company Culture Videos Sharpen Your Competitive Edge?

A company culture video can attract the best recruits for your team and communicate a compelling reason to join your organization. Potential hires will learn your company's vision and values to help them decide about the role and ensure they are a great fit. With a united, informed team, your business and its employees can thrive by producing meaningful work that meets your customers' needs.

To increase your competitive edge in the recruiting landscape, visit the company and culture video page or contact our team today.

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