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5 Branded Content Video Production Benefits + What To Expect

Branded content video production can help corporations, nonprofits, and small businesses increase revenue and expand their reach.

Sharing your brand story using video content is the most relevant and customer-preferred way of providing messaging that connects with your audience.

Using branded content video production benefits your business by increasing customer loyalty, improving brand recognition, and growing awareness. Also, with branded videos, companies can provide their team with practical marketing tools that they can use across various platforms to capture free, organic traffic and attention.

Keep reading to learn more about using branded content video production. You'll also discover five reasons growing companies and organizations choose to use branded video content to communicate with their audience and connect with new customers.

branded content video production

What Is Branded Content Production?

Branded content production is creating marketing resources that are relevant to a company's unique purpose and identity. Branded content focuses on sharing stories, beliefs, and values to connect with customers rather than features of products or services.

Producing branded content is highly effective because it conveys what is most important to the target audience, leading to recognition and word-of-mouth advertising.

Branded content gets people talking about the brand, not its products or services. -

Today, branded content production is necessary for organizations because consumers are less tolerant of traditional marketing tactics and advertisements.

Story-driven content like documentary-style ads and branded short films are becoming increasingly popular ways for businesses to create engagement from their customers.

4 Valuable Benefits Of Using Branded Content Production?

  • Grows brand awareness with convincing messaging

  • Improves customer loyalty by connecting around values

  • Increases audience engagement with compelling calls to action

  • Multiplies your marketing capabilities with sharable content

Branded content production can communicate to your audience what your business stands for, why it exists, and the unique value that it offers its customers.

branded video production company

What Is Brand Video Production?

Brand video production is the creation of marketable videos that represent an organization's unique values, identity, and purpose. Producing a brand video can capture your audience's attention using relatable, empathy-driven stories about your customer relevant to your company.

Storytelling helps brands connect with audiences who believe what they believe, which is a much more compelling way to inspire action than using argument or competitor-bashing tactics.

Videos are more relatable and persuasive than stills from a "real person" instead of a model. This approach gives audiences a chance to learn more about a brand's values and the people behind it. -

Branded content video production helps consumers learn more about a company before doing business. Today, audiences care about supporting brands they relate with and value the same things. Branded videos are an effective way to connect with your target market quickly.

5 Distinct Reasons Producing A Brand Video Is Valuable

  • Branded content video production is unique to your story

  • Using branded videos attract customers who share the same values

  • A Brand story separates you from competitors

  • Brand stories emphasize why you exist

  • Branded videos reveal the problem you solve for customers

The 4 Best Branded Content Video Production Options For Businesses

  • Brand Videos

  • Customer Testimonial Videos

  • Explainer Videos

  • Team Culture Videos

How Can Your Business Benefit from Branded Content Video Production?

Companies who use branded content video production can increase sales, empower their marketing team, and support their sales representatives. Providing relevant video marketing content with on-brand messaging can help your organization create meaningful interactions with current and potential customers.

In recent video marketing statistics for 2022, Wyzowl gathered 582 unique responses in December of 2021 from marketing professionals and consumers and shared the following concerning the return on investment for branded content video production:

  • 81% of marketers say video has helped them directly increase sales.

  • 86% of marketers say video has helped them generate leads.

  • 87% of marketers say video has helped them increase traffic.

  • 49% of marketers say video has helped them reduce support calls.

Measuring the impact marketing efforts can have is an essential component of planning. These stats are important because they indicate success in critical metrics that businesses benefit from the most.

It seems that branded content video production is one area that your marketing dollars can spend wisely.

branded content production companies

5 Subtle Benefits Of Using Branded Content Video Production That Impact Your Marketing Efforts

1. Encourage Customer Feedback And Communication

  • Video is an excellent way to request and inspire customer feedback. Explainers or brand videos allow viewers to see products or services in use; this can motivate customers to offer input or leave positive reviews.

2. Improve Online Engagement With Target Audience

  • Engagement online is essential; however, you need not worry about typical vanity metrics; what matters most is connecting with the members of your audience who connect deeply with your brand.

3. Establish Credibility

  • Brands that communicate their values, provide social proof, and identify with their customer's problems build trust quickly.

4. Strengthen Brand Recall

  • Branded videos content increase brand awareness and help customers identify your company as the solution for their unique problem related to your products or service.

5. Increase Dwell Time

  • Videos can help increase website traffic and conversion rates too. A quality brand video on your website or landing page can keep customers on your page longer and encourage the next steps.

Utilizing branded content video production can inform your audience about what matters most to them about your business. Customers want to know that you understand their problem, have a viable solution, share the same values, and operate with integrity.

Your business can benefit from partnering with branded content video production companies. Brand marketing video production is one of the best things you can do to market your business.

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What Should You Expect from A Branded Video Production Company

A branded video production company will help you create engaging content by utilizing powerful stories unique to your organization. A video production company that specializes in branded content can help your business build trust, loyalty, and recall with your audience.

A professional agency can craft video content that conveys the right message with creative writing, filming, and editing that translate across all marketing platforms.

Iron House Studios is a branded video production company. We value hard work, authenticity, sharing stories that produce tangible results for our clients. We believe good videos should be accessible to all organizations.

We're happy to offer a free 30-minute consultation to learn more about how we can help serve your needs. Connect with your customers deeper and provide your team with helpful marketing resources. Contact us today to discuss the options for branded content video production.

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