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4 Recruitment Video Secrets To Attract The Best Candidates

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

You're probably aware that finding top candidates is becoming more and more competitive. It's not uncommon for a business to spend months finding the right person; it can be challenging to know where you should post your job opening and how to attract the best talent.

Creating a recruitment video is an excellent way to stand out from the competition and attract top talent. The best recruiting videos can reduce time searching for candidates and attract potential employees who fit your team.

This post will discuss creating compelling, engaging, and memorable videos to improve the recruitment process for candidates and your organization. Keep reading to learn more about utilizing recruitment videos in your hiring process.

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What Is A Recruitment Video?

A recruitment video is a short video that highlights what makes your company unique and, most important, why someone should work for you. It's similar to an informational interview or job shadowing experience because it allows potential candidates the opportunity to learn more about your organization in a time-efficient manner.

This type of video is different from other marketing videos because its primary purpose isn't selling or promoting a product or service. Instead, it's focused on recruiting top talent by showcasing what your company has to offer.

Check out this example of a job shadowing experience used by Lawn Doctor, a national franchise.

Why Use A Recruitment Video?

Using recruitment videos can benefit your business by attracting ideal candidates who align with your values and are attracted to your company culture. Plus, videos are more engaging than text-based content. They also allow potential prospects to see your company in action and understand what it would be like to work there without a significant time commitment.

Candidates are looking for jobs online; having a well-made recruitment video on your website, social channels, and job search platforms will increase your chances of landing top talent. The best recruitment videos help you reach a wider audience. With social media, it's easy to share your videos with people all over the world, if necessary.

Why Are Recruiting Videos Effective?

Recruitment videos are effective because they allow your organization to attract a large pool of top talent who will most align with your team. Creating compelling videos that share company culture, why the position is essential, and how you value the employee can reduce search time and ensure you find top talent.

Recruiting videos are an extremely effective way to reach potential candidates. They allow you to show your company in action and give top candidates a much better idea of what it would be like to work for you.

Construct Connect used the power of experience to highlight their values in this Recruitment Team Video.

4 Reasons Why Recruitment Videos Are Effective

Recruitment Videos Allow You to Keep a Larger Audience's Attention

One of the main problems with online recruiting is that potential candidates have so many options at their fingertips. In addition, they receive job ads, emails, and calls, so distinguishing your business from the crowd is essential.

A compelling video can keep a person's attention longer than any other form of advertising, which allows potential candidates to learn more about your company and the job openings you have.

Recruiting Videos Showcase Your Company Culture

One of the main reasons top candidates are looking for jobs is to find a different, more healthy work culture.

Your company's culture is one of its most important assets, and it can be hard to convey that through text alone. However, video can be an engaging way to capture the team's culture by sharing honest stories and employee testimonials.

Posting Videos Online Will Help You Attract Newer Generations of Talent

The types of candidates you're hoping to attract may be different than they were in the past. Now, there's a greater focus on video content, and many younger generations are more likely to watch a video than read an article. So if you want to reach out to newer generations of talent, then creating a recruitment video is essential.

Videos Sharpen Your Competitive Edge

Great businesses are losing top candidates because they are unwilling to use new methods of attracting new hires. In a recruitment video, you can share your business's unique aspects and attractive benefits to potential hires.

For Gen Z, brand stories are a non-negotiable aspect of the hiring process. New candidates want to understand a company's culture because they want to work in an organization with the same values. A survey from found that companies receive a 34% greater application rate when using video in the recruiting process.

Attracting talent to your organization is possible. With the right help, you can create powerful videos to help you find the best candidates to join your team.

What Are The Elements To Recruiting Videos that Work?

There are four essential elements in recruiting videos to share the core message effectively; you must share content that inspires potential candidates, personalizes your business, communicates your values, and is brief.

Combining these key elements, along with compelling visuals, engaging music, and storytelling, can ensure your recruiting video is powerfully attractive.

The 4 Essential Elements Of Recruiting Videos That Work

Inspire Potential Candidates

Top candidates want to engage with companies they believe will support them and create work they feel is meaningful. Prospects will ignore boring videos that focus only on the products or the company's history. It's no secret, the best candidates have many other job opportunities to choose from, and if your company doesn't inspire them, they'll move on.

Personalize Your Business Using Story

Sharing success stories within your organization about how it's making a difference in the lives of team members and customers provides an emotional connection for candidates.

Communicate The Values Of Your Company

Top candidates want to know they'll be a good fit for the role and company before applying. Sharing the values of your business can support the mission and vision of your brand, providing an identity for prospects to align with.

Giving candidates a sense of what's in store for them if hired will help attract interest and eliminate those who are not.

Recruiting Videos Should Be Relatively Brief

Clear and concise communication does not require lengthy explanations and time. A recruitment video should be brief to keep your audience's attention. A good rule of thumb is not more than two minutes; however, it can be more extensive in some cases.

Infotrust was able to communicate what mattered most to their team in a brief 90 Second Team video. What do you think about the length?

Why Hiring A Video Production Company Is The Best Way To Create A Recruitment Video

Expert video production companies can help craft and capture the essence of your business. Professional video content can be the difference between finding your next recruit or losing them to your competition.

Creating a video that conveys why your business is unique and the benefits of joining your team requires more than sub-level production. Providing high-quality, engaging videos can cause top candidates to take notice.

The best video production companies can help you share engaging content that targets your specific audience with meaningful content.

Get Help Creating A Recruitment Video For Your Business To Find The Best Talent

A professionally-made recruiting video can help you stand out from the competition and find top talent. Stop putting this off; we can help you get started today. Iron House Studios specializes in creating recruitment and company culture videos to help you win the best candidates for your team.

Contact us to ask any questions or schedule a free 30-minute consultation call to discuss your video needs.

Additional Recruitment Video Sources:

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