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6 Reasons Brand Story Video Production Can Increase Business

Marketing is an essential component of a successful business. It provides a connection point between a company and customers. However, many will agree that marketing is more complex now than ever, with customer demands and expectations at an all-time high.

With this in mind, utilizing brand story video production is one of the most powerful marketing tools your company can choose. But what is a brand story video production?

Brand story video production is a professional video that tells the story of your business and how it uniquely helps your ideal customer overcome their obstacle. Typically less than two minutes in length, a compelling brand video gives potential clients a look at who you are as a business, why you do what you do, and your business' unique values that will help solve customer problems.

To help leverage the power of brand videos, companies should team with professional video production firms that specialize in creating cinema-quality content that sets their business apart from competitors.

Read on to find out more about how branded video production can make a difference in your company's marketing efforts.

brand story video production

What Is a Brand Story Video?

A brand story video tells potential clients who you are as a business. It demonstrates what you do and why you do it. This type of content helps clients understand your company values, what sets you apart from the competition, and how you solve your customer's problems.

The critical component of a brand story video is the story. While there are other powerful forms of video marketing content, a brand video focuses on succinctly telling the overarching story of the company with less of a focus on specific products and how-tos.

How Long Should a Brand Story Video Be?

A brand story should be between 60 seconds and two minutes. Professional brand story production companies recommend creating a brand video of about 90 seconds.

Although you can create compelling brand videos outside of this time range, remember a couple of points:

  • It is most important to share why your ideal customer should care about your business.

  • Clients have notoriously short attention spans in the mobile era. Your content must be empathy-driven and carried by a relatable story that creates a connection with your customer.

Why Should Your Business Use a Brand Story Video?

Businesses should use brand story videos to connect with ideal customers effectively. Using the power of story rather than traditional marketing tactics helps brands be relatable to consumers. There are six practical reasons to use branded video production.

6 Reasons Businesses Use Brand Story Video Production

  • Brand Stories Are Interactive - A branded video gives clients the sights and sounds of your business in ways that other media cannot.

  • Video Is The Most Convenient Way For Customers To Receive Your Content - Video content allows users to receive and share your story from many platforms.

  • Brand Video Production Is Professional - Video production experts can create cinema-quality marketing resources, allowing you to focus on your areas of expertise.

  • Branded Videos Can Reach Your Ideal Customer Base - Brand videos are crafted to specifically communicate why your business exists and inform your customer of how you solve their problem.

  • Branded Content Humanizes Your Business - Video provides faces, names, and true stories to connect with your customers. Written ad copy does work; however, video strengthens this effort and can deepen trust in your brand because of the human element.

  • Brand Story Video Production Expands Your Social Reach - The power of social proof is king in 2022. Statistics show that people spend 80% of their time online watching videos. That adds up to nearly seven hours per week. A branded video creates an ideal medium to share on all social networks.

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Key Elements to Highlight About Your Business in Your Brand Story Video Production

The most effective brand story video production will answer your customers' big-ticket questions in an engaging yet straightforward way. Think about your 5 W's when crafting your branded video production:

The 5 W's Of Brand Story Video Production

  • Who - Address the ideal client you best serve.

  • When - Provide background about your company story relatable to your customer.

  • Why - This is an essential element of a brand video in an increasingly socially-conscious world. Consumers want to do business with companies they believe in and trust. Give clients insight into who you are as a company, with a significant focus on company values and motivations.

  • What - Explain what you do and the products and services your business offers. Genuinely talk about how your business can help its customers, avoiding tacky sales pitches and promotions.

  • Where - Once clients can relate to your brand, they will want to connect. Be sure to give a clear call to action providing contact information or appropriate next steps.

In addition to answering these critical questions, it is can also be fitting to include client testimonials in your brand story video production. Success stories allow potential buyers to hear from satisfied customers, strengthening the social proof of your product or service. This element is a critical piece of branding too.

How Can a Brand Story Benefit Your Business?

Brand story video production is unique because it can capture your audience's attention in ways that other marketing efforts are unable to. A brand video can be entertaining, educational, memorable, identifiable, and sharable. These features are marketing "must-haves"! A brand story offers five key benefits to your business that other forms of marketing cannot match.

branded video production

5 Ways A Brand Story Can Benefit Your Business:

  • Brand Stories Can Distinguish Your Company - Professional video production companies can help you create entertaining content to engage even the most marginally interested clients. You will set your business apart by creating content unique to your brand and specific to your customers' problems.

  • Brand Stories Are Informative - Rather than requiring potential customers to scroll through whitepapers or product pages, a branded video can educate clients in about a short amount of time.

  • Brand Stories Are Memorable - People receive a barrage of content and information every day. Your ideal customer is more likely to absorb a branded video than any other form of marketing because they can create a meaningful connection with people.

  • Brand Stories Can Inspire Loyalty - Powerful stories move people. Stories provide inspiration and a roadmap that influences lives. Tell your company's story through a branded video and watch customer loyalty grow.

  • Brand Stories Are Easy To Share - A branded video can be a gift that keeps on giving. Video can easily circulate on social media without spending any additional money on marketing or paid advertising.

Engaging, empathic, and relatable content is king in 2022. Incorporating brand story video production into your marketing strategy is a wise decision for businesses that stay relevant. Contact us to get started today! Iron House Studios can help craft your story.

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