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6 Testimonial Video Production Tips To Share Great Stories

Original testimonial videos can boost confidence in your brand by sharing stories from individuals who experience success with your product or service. Utilizing testimonial video production to share the best and most compelling stories possible can drive new customers to your business as trust in your brand grows.

Testimonial video production companies can ensure your testimonial video is clear, concise, and engaging. Expert video production companies can help your business thrive by capturing authentic stories that help develop trust with your target audience.

In the testimonial video production guide below, you'll find answers to common questions about how to create compelling testimonial videos that deliver results for your business. You will also discover production costs, necessary components for the video, and the benefits of providing testimonial videos for your target audience.

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Testimonial Video Production FAQs

How Much Does A Customer Testimonial Video Cost?

The cost of a testimonial video can depend on the needs of your business. Several factors such as creatives, video length, location, size of crew, and editing can cause the price of a customer testimonial video to vary.

The average cost of a testimonial video can range between $2,500 up to $15,000. While there isn't one set price, fortunately, a testimonial video is possible for a reasonable price.

Typically, the best testimonial videos range between 60 to 90 seconds long–however, the are scenarios where it is best to extend the time.

At Iron House Studios, there are three creative levels to choose from to simply production costs and meet the budget needs of every customer.

Quality video production should be possible for every organization. Testimonial video services are available at three price points between $2,500 and $8,500.

  • The Starter Creative Level - $2,500

  • The Cinematic Creative Level - $4,500

  • The Premium Creative Level - $8,500

Branded video content unique to your organization featuring authentic stories can be cost-effective and provide a valuable return on investment.

The Social Proof Theory has been and continues to be one of the most effective means of persuading consumers to buy a product. Supplementing products with testimonials significantly increases the chances of the product being purchased. -

Investing in testimonial videos to share success stories that others experience using your product is a sure-fire marketing strategy to help increase revenue for your team.

To discuss your testimonial video production needs, including ideas and costs, reach out to us today.

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What Kinds Of Testimonial Videos Are There?

There are essentially two types of testimonial video productions: customer testimonials and employee testimonials.

If you need to expand your customer base and increase sales, use customer testimonials. If your business needs to attract new talent to your team, share employee testimonials to feature the benefits of joining your organization.

Customer testimonials can highlight how a product or service solves a problem that people face related to your solution. When potential buyers can see and hear from others who have experienced the same pain point and discovered a solution, it can significantly influence their buying decision.

Customer testimonial videos personalize your brand and build trust with your audience. People are more likely to purchase from companies that have verified purchases and authentic success stories to share.

Employee testimonials feature the fulfillment and satisfaction that current team members experience by being a part of your organization. Job candidates care about how working with an organization will affect their quality of life.

You can attract top talent by sharing stories from within your organization about how employees find support and opportunity for growth as a member of your team.

Testimonies from employees on your team can help potential hires better understand your EPV and compel them to choose your organization over competitors.

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What Goes Into Producing A Testimonial Video?

To create a professional testimonial video, you must communicate the unique value a product or service offers, real success stories, and a compelling call to action.

3 Aspects To Producing Quality Testimonial Videos That Move Your Audience To Take Action

  • Creative Consultation Sessions: Creative, on-brand content must share a cohesive, testimonial video representing your company.

  • Essential Footage To Tell A Visual Story: Capturing the right shots, in the right setting, with the proper lighting makes all the difference.

  • Professional Video Equipment: Everything from high-end cameras and microphones to the editing software and equipment necessary to bring it all together.

  • A Process To Deliver The Best Story Possible: Engaging the voice of the customer to share experience-driven stories that build trust with your audience.

  • Expert Post-Production Service: Editing the video with professional-grade graphics, sound, and transitions to create world-class video quality.

Testimonial video production requires experience and intimate knowledge of effective storytelling. Your audience wants to hear about the success others experience by partnering with you.

If your video looks terrible because of poor production, viewers will notice. We are all used to seeing high-quality videos on a day-to-day basis. When we come across bad videos, it is evident to us. -

Producing a quality testimonial video that will serve your customers and benefit your business requires expert storytelling, narrative, and videography skill.

How Do Businesses Benefit From Testimonial Video Production Services?

A testimonial video production agency can help businesses and organizations broaden their marketing strategy with powerful brand advocate stories.

6 Tips For Working With A Testimonial Video Production Company

  1. A testimonial video company can guide the creative process to ensure the best ideas get used.

  2. Experienced video agencies use a deliverable process to avoid setbacks and mistakes.

  3. Video production teams capitalize on the specialized skills of members to plan, write, film, edit, and produce top-notch content.

  4. A testimonial video production company can convey a brand's unique look and feel.

  5. Testimonial video companies know how to draw out the best content from interviewees and within the organization.

  6. A professional video agency eliminates the stress of creating engaging content.

As the customer demand for more video from businesses grows, content like testimonial videos becomes increasingly influential. Partnering with a testimonial video company can help you create on-brand content that produces real engagement.

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What To Expect from A Testimonial Video Production Company

Working with a video production company to create testimonial content should simplify your efforts and add value to your marketing strategy. Below are five things you should expect from a testimonial video production company:

  • Upfront pricing and explanation of services

  • Concept development and a creative process

  • Pre-production meeting and ongoing communication

  • Collaboration and feedback

  • Project management and on-time deliverables

Testimonial video production should elevate your brand, alleviate your stress, and provide quality content from start to finish. A professional testimonial video company will assess your content needs and patiently answer your questions.

Iron House Studios can walk you through a process and keep production on time and in line with your vision. We specialize in turning testimonials and stories into reality-tv styled engaging content.

With high-end equipment, years of experience, and a team of videography professionals, we can help you every step of the way, from the conceptual stage to the final editing process. In return, you'll receive a video that shares your story in a unique, memorable, and engaging way.

Contact us today to discuss your video production needs—Visit our contact page to set up a free 30-minute call now.

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