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3 Ways A Branded Documentary Can Increase Business In 2022

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

More and more companies are investing in innovative, high-quality, branded documentary videos. These videos are more artistic than your typical adverts and can have extended run times you wouldn't see in other types. Still, with how different this type of advertising is from standard marketing content, you might be asking why so many fast-growing companies are using them?

Fast-growing companies invest in branded documentary videos because they effectively establish their brand and connect with the audience on a deeper level. When people watch your branded documentary, it shouldn't feel like an advertisement but rather engaging, entertaining information they connect with on an emotional and intellectual level.

Keep reading if you're curious how a branded documentary can help grow your business and connect with your customers. In the sections below, we explain what a branded documentary is and then explore all the ways it can expand your business—sharing your company's story matter and connecting your brand with the ideal audience is possible.

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What Is A Branded Documentary?

A Branded documentary focuses on the organization's purpose by sharing true stories that reflect its values and mission in serving a more significant cause outside itself. Brand documentaries are content marketing videos that can inspire and connect emotionally with their audience using empathetic storytelling.

Branded documentaries are often longer-form content that communicates the causes your company works to support and uphold. These documentaries are typically a few minutes long, although some are much longer. A brand video should never feel like an advertisement; it must be well-produced content that inspires action and is enjoyable to watch.

Why Is A Brand Documentary Helpful To Your Audience?

A brand documentary allows your audience to discover the values of your organization and the causes you support. Additionally, they can personalize your brand by including stories for your audience to associate with and recall in their mind.

On a more granular level, branded documentaries can describe how your organization can help solve a problem your audience faces with a product or service. Seeing and hearing an empathetic story relatable to their issue can reinforce a greater degree of certainty that your brand will help, support, and ensure they have success with your product or service.

How Does A Branded Documentary Create A Connection With Customers?

Brand story video production can uniquely engage an audience and motivate individuals to purchase or donate as they connect with your brand's mission. Please do not underestimate the importance of this metric; consumers do business with organizations they believe in and trust.

Consumers in the United States are no longer making decisions based solely on product selection or price; they're assessing what a brand says, what it does, and what it stands for. They support companies whose brand purpose aligns with their beliefs. And they reject those that don't, with one in five walking away forever. -

People care about how they use their money and are happy to engage with brands they trust. A branded documentary can answer your audience's questions about what you believe and why you do what you do. Why leave them guessing?

Our brains are insanely greedy for stories. We spend about a third of our lives daydreaming–our minds are constantly looking for distractions–and the only time we stop flitting from daydream to daydream is when we have a good story in front of us. Top brands like LinkedIn, Coca-Cola, Etsy–the list goes on–harness this science to their advantage through content marketing that focuses on the story.-

Brand documentaries can establish a relationship between your audience and the product, service, or cause you support. Stories are memorable; connect with your audience by engaging them with powerful storytelling, music, and visual elements on an emotional level.

To test this, ask yourself, would you rather watch a traditional advertisement or a short documentary highlighting something important? Most people prefer the latter because it offers them something more than just information to scan through.

To discuss your brand documentary needs, contact us today.

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What Are The Benefits Of Using A Branded Documentary To Communicate About Your Organization

Using a branded documentary can help to establish your brand and truly connect with an audience. A documentary can make your brand more memorable, invite outsiders to be a part of a cause or mission, and convey that you understand your audience.

3 Benefits Of Using Branded Documentaries

  • Branding can be an invitation into a community: People become brand-loyal because of trust. With a branded documentary, you can establish what your brand stands for, elevate your cause, and invite others to be a part.

  • Brand videos make you relatable: There's a story behind every business. Not everyone gets into business only to make money. Often they see a need that isn't being fulfilled and want to meet it. Too often, that story usually is never heard, causing a business to blend into the background. However, a branded documentary can place the story front and center to help solidify the organization in the public's minds.

  • Branded storytelling provides content your audience can remember: With a traditional advertisement, people are likely not to pay attention or skip it the first chance they get. On the other hand, customers become emotionally and intellectually invested in content that is meaningful to them. They are far more likely to come back for more if one video connected with them.

Brand storytelling is no longer nice to have. It is a need to have and will ultimately maximize your business's visibility, profit, and impact. Treat it as a compass for your marketing strategy, and the result will be a brand that is as profitable as it is captivating.-

The through-line throughout each of these reasons is that you can connect to your customers truly. In a world where isolation is growing, individuals crave real connection more than ever. A branded documentary can help create a growing audience or customer base who want to engage with your efforts.

How Do You Create Branded Documentary Video?

Aligning the best stories with powerful visuals is a skillful art form that can provide incredible results within your organization. Using expertly crafted scripts, film, and editing can engage your audience by empathetically connecting with their heart-felt wants and desires.

Unless you or your team already has expertise and equipment to create branded documentary videos for marketing, it is best to hire a professional company with years of experience like Iron House Studios.

Customers expect quality and engage with content that holds their attention. On your end, that means having the right equipment, narrowing in on the right story to highlight, and having the experience necessary to make memorable shots.

With the help of a video production agency, you can ensure that you provide the absolute best content to your audience.

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So Really, Why Are Fast-Growing Companies Using Branded Documentaries?

Fast-growing companies know that using branded documentaries effectively retains current customers and connects with new ones. Video is more accessible, emotionally relatable, and memorable than any other form of advertising. Plus, in the social media age, video is endlessly sharable.

You can establish your brand as an authority by providing video content that people want to share because it connects with their values. When customers see this and feel it, they will share it with their friends and continue to come back for more.

Contact us today to answer all of your questions about creating a brand documentary!

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