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What Is A Brand Video + 3 Ways They Create Loyal Customers

When finding clients for your business, a brand video is a central piece of your marketing plan. It can help establish a relationship with your target audience and communicate how you serve your customer.

Creating brand loyalty and engaging new customers is possible with strategic marketing efforts. In the past, advertising your brand took place on billboards along highways or expensive commercial placements. Today the internet makes it much easier to reach your clients.

Brand videos can help expand your reach and provide returning customers content that is easy to share with others. A brand video is a great marketing tool that communicates why you are in business and how you serve your target audience.

Understanding what a brand video is and enhancing your marketing can benefit your business. A brand story video can effectively help your business speak directly to the customers most interested in your product or service.

Continue reading to discover the advantages of branded video content and how it can set you apart from a sea of noise in your market.

what is a brand video

What Is A Brand Video?

A Brand Video is marketing content organizations use to share why they exist to communicate with people who have the same values. A properly executed brand video elevates the customer's needs and how the brand can help solve their problem.

Branded videos are different from traditional marketing strategies. While the video shares the brand, it focuses on the customer's wants and makes them the hero rather than the business. Branded videos provide clear messaging about why it exists and who can help serve.

A foundational piece of promoting your business and attracting new customers is marketing your brand. One of the best tools to help you market your business is brand video.

Why Do You Need A Brand Video?

People want to do business with brands they identify with and have the same values. Brand videos share stories about your brand to engage customers to establish a relationship with them.

Brand videos are a powerful form of visual communication. Brand video can help your company attract new customers through storytelling. Through storytelling, you can express your brand in different ways that can allow the customer to see your brand and company in a way that is appealing to them.

Video is the best and most scalable way of presenting your brand's complete identity. -

Branded video content can connect with your audience in a way that no other form of media can. Video allows you to use the power of human emotion and story to make your brand relatable.

Telling a relatable story on camera will help your audience care about your product in a way that rote information just can't. If the narrative naturally strikes an emotional chord, even better. -

Videos can establish your brand in a reputable way; they help communicate the unique aspects of your brand that are not easy to convey with traditional marketing techniques.

3 Significant Reasons Organizations Use Brand Videos

  • Brand videos speak directly to the target audience.

  • Branded video content shares the most crucial information about a company in engaging, compelling ways.

  • Brand story videos communicate unique aspects of a business and distinguish it from the competition.

Expert video production can elevate your brand and support incredible results. A brand video can provide long-term results with your customers and capture new audiences with relevant content specifically for them. To discuss your brand video needs, reach out to us.

brand story

Why Branding Matters So Much To Your Customers

Branding is one of the essential aspects of a business. Effective branding helps people identify with a particular individual, company, or product and creates a connection with its audience.

When branding is on point for a business, it provides enormous value by giving people a story to identify with and a competitive edge over other companies in the same industry.

For more and more consumers, it is no longer about what they buy but what they buy into. Meaning, more consumers are looking to spend their money where their values lie. -

A company's brand helps customers remember the company or individual. While many businesses may specialize in a product or service a customer needs, they will spend money and stay loyal to brands they trust.

Branding videos that communicate to your customer what your company stands for and why you exist will effectively engage them with your business. Making sure that customers are familiar with your brand is instrumental in promoting your products or services.

How Videos Can Elevate Your Brand Above The Competition

Brand videos allow you to share genuine, empathetic stories that capture your audience's attention. Branded video content can help make your brand more memorable and help your customer relate to you in a meaningful way.

You don't just want customers who recognize your brand and use your business once — you want to create customers who continue to come back. With good branding, you can give your brand a more human side, which your customers can relate to more than a company that's strictly all business. -

Empathy-driven video content can create a powerful connection between your audience and brand. Today, people care more about the values, culture, and cause of a business beyond offering a product or service.

Using video to share your brand story can effectively communicate the deeper aspects of your organization that people want and need to know.

brand story video

3 Advantages Of Using Brand Videos

Brand videos can help you reach customers faster than your competitors by effectively communicating your brand's most important aspects. Audiences relate to them more because they are story-driven, purposeful, and engaging.

  • Brand videos are more dynamic and narrative-driven.

  • Branded videos can convey empathy and emotion that relate to people.

  • Videos are shareable content, making it easier to spread awareness about your brand.

Video content can help your brand become memorable and relatable, allowing more people to connect with your business.

What Is A Brand Video Summary

Brand videos are excellent marketing content that can help you establish your brand and reach new customers. Brand videos can help you communicate about different aspects of your brand that customers care about the most.

Branding is an essential aspect of any company. Defining the brand allows an organization to share an appealing and meaningful story with consumers.

Brand videos are more than an advertisement for your company or product; they are powerful pieces of content that communicate essential information about your brand.

Iron House Studios specializes in producing brand videos that target your customer and share the heart of your business. Contact us to start a discussion about your branded video needs.

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