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The 4 Best Cincinnati Video Production Content For Marketing

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

There is no marketing tool more relevant in 2022 than engaging video content. On-brand, evergreen, and easy to share on any digital platform, videos can increase and reach your target audience quickly.

If you're in the Queen City, you understand how competitive it can be to market your business. Partnering with Cincinnati video production companies that can help sharpen your message and share stories that are important to your customer can set your business apart.

Professional video production services can produce cinema-quality, documentary-style stories that resonate with modern consumers. Storytelling can be powerful and help spread your company's message faster. Marketing plans that fall flat because of low engagement could be missing video content that positions their brand to thrive.

Creating a video takes time and experience - free up your team members by allowing them to shift their focus from time-consuming content creation to their areas of expertise.

If you are still not convinced how video production can expand the reach of your business, read on to find out about the best Cincinnati video production services and what they have to offer your company in 2022.

cincinnati video production services

A video production agency makes cinema-quality, documentary-style content to help your organization meet its marketing objectives. Video marketing uses true stories and real people from your company to provide a realistic, engaging insight into your business to help attract new clients and grow your network.

What Video Production Services Are Available in Cincinnati?

Whether you need informative "how-to" videos, testimonials, company culture videos, or more all-encompassing branded documentary videos, the best Cincinnati video production professionals can offer creative guidance to meet your company's unique needs.

The following breakdown of video production services is the most effective video options that successful businesses are implementing to elevate their brand, reach more customers, and connect with their audience.

testimonial video production in cincinnati

The power of social proof is king in 2022, and a professional testimonial video is one of the best ways to highlight authentic client experiences.

With a testimonial video, your company can build trust with its target audience by using a real-life brand advocate to share the story of their relationship with your business. In a world where spam and scams are ever-present, this type of video can do wonders for establishing credibility where text and email campaigns fail.

Iron House Studios is a Cincinnati video production agency; we can help you create an engaging script and capture the highest-quality footage! Working with your team, we will uncover the best client or employee stories and deliver professional video content for your team to use in all of its marketing efforts.

brand video production in cincinnati

A brand video is a powerfully effective way to share your company's story and how you can help solve your customers' problems. Brand videos inform your audience of who you are, why you are in business and the most important values to your company.

A compelling brand video is concise, easy-to-digest, and includes the following content to help distinguish your business from the competition.

3 Must-Have Elements In Every Brand Video

  • A Brand Video must share who you are and the specific problem you solve

  • Branded video content should create an empathetic connection with potential clients, answering the "why" behind your operations

  • Engaging brand stories communicate the company values and mission

Achieving all of these objectives can take months or years for many companies. Some marketing departments can never accomplish them at all, alienating a consumer base that has increasingly high demands and unprecedented choice for where it spends its money.

Wasting time is not an option. Working with video production professionals can save you time and increase revenue. Your team can elevate your brand and create more awareness by creating a brand video that resonates with your target audience.

explainer video production in cincinnati

An explainer video can simplify complex processes or educate how something works to help your team or improve the customer experience. Explainer videos are versatile; businesses can train employees, inform an audience, or support customers to keep them happy and engaged.

Explainer videos provide peace of mind to customers and employees. They help them work through potentially complicated processes, educating them in a much clearer, engaging manner than ponderous instruction manuals or company policy manuals.

The needs of your business will determine the type of explainer video that will be best. Do your customers need a how-to video for one of your products or informative content to strengthen their buying decision?

Or, could you lessen mistakes within your team by providing an explainer video that demonstrates a process? Whatever the case, it is better for your business to respond than to leave your audience searching for answers on google or youtube - where you can potentially lose them to a different company.

With professional, cinema-quality production, explainer videos can clarify certain aspects of your business or help answer frequently asked questions.

team video production in cincinnati

A team video is a culture-driven product that inspires current and future members of your organization.

A business is only as strong as its culture. While you cannot buy culture, you can invest in it. Forbes reports many companies are beginning to invest as much into their culture as products. Sacrificing teamwork, trust, and camaraderie is no longer an option.

Team videos that support a healthy culture with employee testimonials and success stories within your organization effectively foster the type of environment you want to exist.

While this is not to say that you shouldn't pay catered luncheons, professional speakers, and company retreats, it can be more efficient to plant the seeds of a strong culture using a professionally produced team video.

The best Cincinnati video production professionals can craft videos to inspire and unify your current team or as a resource for recruiting top talent nationwide. When top candidates get a firsthand glimpse into your company's mission and unique culture, it significantly improves recruitment.

How Much Does Video Production Cost in Cincinnati?

The cost of Cincinnati video production will vary depending on the creative needs of your organization. Other factors include filming, video length, and the complexity of editing.

In Cincinnati, video production costs will typically start around $2,500 and increase to $8,500. There is a wide range of video production costs in Cincinnati because of the different options and services available.

Iron House Studios uses a two-step process to serve customers with creative options and affordable pricing to simplify scoping out a video production project.

video production companies cincinnati

Cincinnati Video Production Concepts And Costs

1. Select A Video Concept From Four Options

  • Brand Video

  • Testimonial Video

  • Team Video

  • Explainer Video

After choosing which concept will best serve your company's needs, clients will choose a creative level best fits their budget.

2. Select The Creative Level That Fits Your Needs And Budget

Good video production should be accessible to every organization, especially in our hometown! Customers can choose between three packages, priced between $2,500 and $8,500.

  • Starter - $2,500

  • Cinematic - $4,500

  • Premium - $8,500

The Starter Level

The Starter Level is an excellent choice for companies new to video production marketing that want to get their feet wet before delving into more ambitious projects.

Cost: $2,500

What you get:

  • 60 seconds of edited video

  • One interview or voiceover to tell the essential story

  • 2 hours of filming

  • Quick editing for expedited delivery

Contact us today! If you are local and need a Cincinnati video production agency to help strengthen your marketing plan while focusing on your budget, we're here to help.

The Cinematic Level

The Cinematic Level is an enhanced video option ideal for businesses with a larger marketing budget who want more creativity, tighter brand messaging, and additional editing services.

Cost: $4,500

What you get:

  • 2 minutes of edited video

  • Creative session to prepare for multiple voices and more advanced shot sequences

  • Half-day of filming

  • On-brand graphics and thorough editing/color grading for optimal engagement

The Premium Level

The Premium Level video package is for the organization that wants to employ the most cutting-edge creativity, graphics, and editing features into commercials, storytelling, or documentary-style video productions.

Cost: $8,500

What you get:

  • 4 minutes of edited video

  • Extensive creative and messaging sessions

  • A full day of filming with an advanced crew

  • Highest quality audio, video coloring, and motion graphics

Cincinnati video production agencies can provide world-class service to improve your reach and strengthen your marketing plan. Branded videos should be accessible to businesses, engaging for their customers, and affordable for everyone.

Contact our team today if your business resides in Cincinnati or plans on doing business here!

cincinnati video production

Cincinnati Video Production Companies: Everything You Need to Know

Video production is a great way to expand your company's reach in 2022. Whether it be a testimonial, brand, explainer, or team video, there is a professional product that will help your marketing team tell its story much more effectively than it could on its own.

To help get you started, reach out to Iron House Studios in Cincinnati for more information!

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