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4 Best Product Video Production Ideas To Help More Customers

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

When customers have questions about your product or service, it's nice to have something prepared to show them. That's precisely how product videos work.

Still, if you're going to make a product video, you should employ the aid of professionals. That's because a professional product video production company knows what it takes to earn you more business.

A product video production company can help you earn more business because they have the expertise and experience to know what type of product video to make and how to inform your customer best using story-based marketing. Additionally, they have professional-grade equipment to produce the best video possible.

If you're thinking about working with a video production company to make a product video but still have a few questions, you've come to the right place. We're happy to assist you in this process. !

In the guide below, you'll find the most effective types of product videos to consider and if using a video production company for your products is the best next step.

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What is a Product Video?

A product video is an explainer video that focuses primarily on a product or service and its unique solution. These videos address challenges customers face and highlight product features that solve a customer's specific problem.

Working with a video production company specializing in making these kinds of videos can help ensure your product video has everything it needs to succeed.

What are the Types of Product Videos?

There are four basic types of videos that effectively feature how products work and solve problems: explainer videos, how-to's, testimonials, and animation. The product and information you need to share will determine the product video you should use.

4 Types Of Product Marketing Videos To Help Your Business Serve More Customers

Explainer Videos: Explainer videos help your customers understand the features of your product. They also let the customer know how the product can help them with their specific challenges. These videos are highly informative and address common questions related to the product.

  • Product Explainer Video Benefits: Explainer videos simplify a process or use of a product using the power of storytelling so that customers can immediately understand its benefits without a complex explanation.

How-To Videos: If your product has a steep learning curve or requires technical understanding, how-to videos demonstrate how a product works using tutorial-based, structured formatting.

  • How-To Product Video Benefits: How-To Videos ensure customers experience success with your product. Using straightforward, step-by-step demonstration of the product, customers can avoid frustration, and you can eliminate unnecessary customer service calls and support. Elevate your customer experience with helpful, self-service how-to videos.

Testimonial Videos: Testimonial videos employ powerful customer success stories by allowing previous buyers to share their product experiences.

  • Product Testimonial Video Benefits: 93% of customers read reviews before purchasing a product. Testimonial videos can improve the frequency of purchase rate for your business by sharing honest, authentic stories from genuine customers.

Animated Videos: Product animation videos are illustration and graphic-driven content that can visually capture the attention of its viewers.

  • Animated Product Video Benefits: Animated videos can be helpful if the product or service is less tangible. For example, software products can benefit from using animation to explain how it works, along with the benefits.

Utilizing a product video production company can simplify your customers buying decisions and improve customer satisfaction. To determine which type of video you should use for your product, use the following guide:

  • Does the product need more awareness and marketing power?

  • Is there an element of complexity in using the product?

  • Do customers need to understand more about the product?

How you answer each question will determine the type of video you need. We can assist you with questions about product videos to help ensure you choose the type that will best serve your business. Click here to contact our team!

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Using product marketing videos can catapult awareness about your products and significantly improve the customer journey for your buyers. Educating your consumer about the problem your product solves, how it will save them time and reduce costs is crucial to staying competitive.

How Long Should a Product Video Be?

In today's world, it's more important than ever that your product video production skillfully share engaging content that captures the attention of its viewers. A product video will usually run for about two minutes or less. Sometimes a little extra time is necessary when unique criteria call for it. Product video production companies can help you assess the best length within your budget.

Which Types of Product Videos are Most Effective in Reaching Customers?

The most effective videos illuminate customers' problems and explain why a specific product is an ideal solution. Explainer videos, How-To videos, Testimonials, and even Animated videos can effectively reach your customer. Choosing which type of product video will most effectively reach your customers hinges upon the information they need related to your product.

Your goal is to clarify how your product best helps meet your customer's needs. Product videos are helpful to customers when they focus on how the product specifically solves a problem. Consulting with a professional can help you determine which product video production will best serve your audience.

Why Do Your Customers Want to See a Product Video?

Customers want to see product videos from your business because they answer their questions and provide a better idea of what your product or service can do for them. It is crucial that your video be clear, engaging, and to the point. When your product videos serve your customer, they build trust and earn valuable credibility for your business.

Product video production must be engaging and highly informative to maintain an edge among the competition. Customers will ignore generic, boring videos that solely focus on features of the product rather than how they solve a problem.

How Much Does a Product Video Cost?

The average cost of a one-minute product video can start at $2,500. Still, product video production pricing can depend on additional factors such as level of creativity, length, graphic needs, and filming requirements. It is always best to request a quote or consultation to express your video needs in detail to determine the costs.

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How Can a Product Video Production Company Help You Earn More Business?

Creating professional, high-quality product videos can educate your customers and elevate your business. Product videos can simplify complex solutions and clarify how a product can solve a problem for the consumer.

Working with a product video production company can help you find the most effective way to share about a product or service. Providing engaging product videos can improve user experience and create happier customers.

Your customer should never experience confusion concerning your product or service. Iron House Studios specializes in creating compelling content to serve your customer and strengthen your business. Let us help you explain your product or service to help your customers.

Get professional product video production to educate your audience with engaging, service-focused content today!

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