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3 Ways Customer Testimonial Videos Increase Organic Sales

The most important part of marketing is generating quality leads. It's not enough to have a website with a fantastic product or service. You need happy customers who will talk about your company and recommend it to their friends.

That's why so many businesses are turning towards customer testimonial videos - they're one of the best ways to generate credible leads, more revenue, and win over fans for life. If you want to learn how to create customer testimonial videos that work like magic for your business, here's everything you need to know.

What Is a Customer Testimonial Video?

A customer testimonial video is a short video clip of an existing customer explaining why they use your product or service and how it has helped them.

Customer testimonial videos are one of the most effective ways to generate leads. Potential customers want to hear and see other people talk about real-life experiences using a product or service.

How Long Should a Customer Testimonial Video Be?

The perfect length for a customer testimonial video is between 60 to 90 seconds. However, creating customer testimonial videos can also depend on how many customer testimonies you plan to share and the type of story you'd like to tell. Nonetheless, anything longer than two minutes could be too long - unless it's an interview, Q&A, or documentary-style ad.

The average customer attention span is increasingly becoming shorter. So, capturing your customer's attention within the first few seconds of your video is crucial. For companies to produce successful customer testimonial videos, there are three basic guidelines to follow: create a meaningful connection, solve a pain point, and a call to action.

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3 Steps To Achieve The Ideal Length Of Customer Testimonial Videos

Establish a meaningful connection with customers when sharing testimonial videos

Customer testimonial videos are only effective if your audience can identify with the information about your brand, product, or service. Therefore, a customer's story should provide an entry point for viewers to relate to and be drawn toward quickly.

Customer testimonial videos should reveal how a product or service solves a pain point for people.

After establishing a connection point, a testimonial video can further engage customers by revealing how others have experienced success with the product or service. This differentiator is what makes a testimonial video attractive to potential customers. The customer should talk about how they felt before and after using your product or service, making sure to mention any specific results they achieved.

Using a call to action in a customer testimonial video moves people to take the next step with your business.

The final part of the video should be a call to action. This element instructs viewers to follow in the footsteps of other happy customers and provides a clear next step.

Successful customer testimonial videos will leave clients hungry to take action. It is crucial to provide a call to action for customers to purchase or contact your business.

How Do You Make a Good Customer Testimonial Video?

The best customer testimonial videos target a specific audience, ignite an emotional connection, are genuine and concise. Consumers search for verifiable success stories and reviews related to products of interest. Making a good customer testimonial video requires clear messaging and engaging content.

5 Steps To Making Good Customer Testimonial Videos

Use Customers That Best Represent Your Target Market

The people in your customer testimonial videos should represent your ideal customer base. Their story should be easily relatable to your audience, like listening to a friend or someone they know.

Carefully identifying the right people and stories to represent your product best and how it will help others is essential to reaching the right audience.

Use Authentic & Genuine Stories

Using real stories from happy customers is the best way to build trust with new potential buyers. Audiences are savvy and can recognize when customers are genuine or not. Sharing fabricated stories can ruin the credibility of your brand, and using fake testimonies can destroy trust in the company.

It's okay to help out customers struggling to put together words or need a little guidance, but ensuring it looks and feels natural can require finesse.

Use Short, Concise Stories

Consumers generally have a short attention span, especially when it comes to videos. Most people won't watch a testimonial that is more than a minute long.

Not to mention, describing success and happiness does not require a lot of words. Allow individuals to share the problem, why it was so bothersome, and how your product helped save the day.

Customer testimonials can be short and sweet while packing a lot of punch in a brief bit of time!

Use Storytelling To Create An Emotional Connection

Testimonials are a great way to convey that you understand your customer and feel their pain. People can quickly identify with what it's like to face a problem or need a solution. Allowing a brand advocate to share their story can create an immediate bond between potential customers and your business.

Use Professional Video Production Services

High-quality audio and video equipment are best if you want your testimony videos to look great and sound great. Don't allow great messaging and powerful success stories to get lost in translation with faulty equipment and low-quality production. Your products are too valuable, and the stories of happy customers are too important not to share in the most compelling way possible.

To speak to someone about creating a customer testimonial video or to ask more questions, contact us today!

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Why Potential Customers Need To See Customer Testimonial Videos

Most people like and prefer watching videos to reading blocks of text. Video testimonials are high converting, and 89% of marketers say they are the most effective strategy for content marketing. There are three reasons why customers want to see testimonial videos: real people talking about the product, it's an engaging format, and it builds trust.

Potential Customers Can Relate To People With The Same Problem

Testimonials impact customers because they get to see the human side of your business – observing real people talking about their experiences with your product or service is engaging. It is powerful for customers to feel and believe that your product can fix their problems. It is convincing to watch a happy customer talk positively about a product or service.

Videos Personalize The Buyers Journey

There's barely any face-to-face interaction in the online business world. As a result, it becomes pretty challenging to connect with customers. Video testimonials help you break the ice and build trust with your digital audience, which is critical to getting them to buy from you.

Testimonial Videos Build Credibility With Customers

Customers are more likely to purchase from a company if they see that others have already used the product and are happy with it.

Customers want to hear about why your products are good, what makes them great, or how someone else benefited from using your services. This type of video content provides an opportunity for you to showcase precisely why customers should be interested in doing business with you.

Why Are Customer Testimonial Videos So Effective?

Sharing engaging stories from happy customers is one of the best marketing investments your company can make. When your target audience can see and hear others share about their successful experience with your product, it builds trust in your offer.

Success stories can create an emotional connection that is more persuasive than simply reading copy on a website or email. Videos are also more shareable among your audience and help your message spread quickly.

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Are You Ready To Start Creating Powerful Customer Testimonial Videos?

Video testimonials are a powerful marketing tool that you should be using to win more happy customers.

If you're not currently using customer testimonial videos as part of your marketing strategy, it's time to start. Iron House Studios specializes in helping businesses share experience-driven success stories that build trust in your product or service.

We create authentic customer testimonial videos to help establish meaningful connections between your business and its audience.

Working with your team, we will discover the most engaging way to share the best stories that you can use to strengthen your marketing efforts.

To start today, check out our Testimonial Videos page today!

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