Providing World Class

Video Production Services

to the Greater Cincinnati Area

Good Video should be accessible to all organizations.

At Iron House Studios, we provide affordable video production services that create the best engagement for your organization.

That means creative writing, filming, and editing that work across all platforms including social media, paid advertising, email campaigns, and websites.

Video Starting at $1,500

Professional video content should drive engagement for your organization.

Iron House Studios is Cincinnati's engagement-driven creative video production agency that helps non-profits, education institutions, and healthcare companies create videos that build trust for your organization. Our 4 video products include brand messaging, authentic testimonials, team culture, and helpful explainer videos .

Choose from 3 options that fit your needs and your budget.


Starter Level

At the Starter Level, you'll receive a 1 minute video after a basic creative meeting, minimal filming, and a quick editing phase. This level is for the organization that is new to using professional video content in their marketing plan and is budget-conscious.


Cinematic Level

At the Cinematic Level, you'll receive a 2 minute video after an in-depth creative session, full day of filming, and extensive editing phase. This level is for the organization that wants more engagement with their customers while showing off creativity through branded videos.


Premium Level

At the Premium Level, you'll receive a 2-3 minute video after an in-depth creative session with the full creative team, full day of filming with a crew, and extensive editing phase. This levels allows for multiple talent on camera, multiple locations, and more complex storyline for maximum engagement and highest level in quality.

A Brand Video gives customers a message that demonstrates your solution that will help them more working in uncertainty. Own a clear, engaging video message from your team to your customer.

Color Palette Samples

A Testimonial Video creates credibility with customers, inspires your team, and proves your brand’s claims.  The video can be about a customer’s experience with a specific product or your business as a whole. Expect this video to build trust and relieve any last doubts with purchasing from your business.

Happy Couple

A Team Video spotlights your  brightest members by showing how your business empowers them to fulfill their desires in their career.

It also serves to inspire potential employees to join your team by spotlighting your business’s personality and culture.

Team Meeting

An Explainer Video communicates important information in the simplest, most engaging way possible, so your business can continue to thrive. As your business grows, a consistent user experience moves up in priority.


Need professional video production services?

If you have an idea for a video or are looking for creative guidance to grow engagement online, schedule a call with our team today to start your creative video project!