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5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Cincinnati Video Production Company

Professional Cincinnati Video Production

Iron House Studios produces genuine brand videos, B2B videos, and case study videos that build trust with your customers. Our videos enhance your market presence through professional video advertising and deliver your brand message to your target audience. Today, Iron House Studios discusses five questions to ask before hiring a Cincinnati video production company.

What packages or products do you have?

You could reword this question as, “What do I get for my money?” You should get the entire package when you pay for professional videos. A great Cincinnati video production company takes care of all of the details. You should receive every second of footage that a company shoots. Iron House Studios can create an ad narrative that’s two minutes long and then edit it down for a 15-second spot to serve as a Facebook video.

Do you do location shooting?

An experienced Cincinnati video production team should know all the best spots to shoot a great B2B video, whether you prefer dynamic scenery of the river, a downtown city street, or the premises of your company. Iron House Studios shoots indoors, outdoors, up high, down low, and more. No job is too difficult, big, or small.

What is your turnaround time?

Turnaround time depends on many factors for a Cincinnati video production company. First is how much footage we have to go through. It takes more time to edit 30 minutes of footage versus 10 minutes. We may also add in a musical soundtrack or animation to your professional video, which could take more time. Equally as important as the amount of video footage is how busy the company is. Iron House Studios is busiest during the warmer months in Cincinnati, usually from April to November.

Do you hire talent as part of your services?

Hiring talent is a normal part of making a video. Every Cincinnati video production company has access to actors and actresses who receive pay for being in front of the camera. Another option is to showcase your employees, clients, or customers. Iron House Studios can work with you to have whoever you want in your brand video.

What permits and contracts do I need?

The contracts and permits for your shoot — such as those for hiring talent and covering equipment operators — will be handled properly when you choose a quality Cincinnati video production company. The company may need special permits to shoot in certain places, such as a public area or government building. Make sure your liability insurance covers contractors such as Iron House Studios on the premises. If you decide to have your employees or customers in a video, we have waivers for them.

Iron House Studios: A Top Cincinnati Video Production Company

Choose Iron House Studios as your Cincinnati video production company. We make genuine videos that build trust with your customers, whether you need a B2B video, case study video, or ad narrative. Call us at (812) 363-3802 or contact us to learn more about our process.

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