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Stunning Outdoor Venues for Cincinnati Video Production

Outdoor Cincinnati Video Production

Cincinnati and the surrounding area have some beautiful vistas. The Queen City Tower showcases an edifice to modern and Art Deco architecture, and Fountain Square offers the epitome of Old World charm. Little towns like Mt. Healthy transport you back 150 years into the region’s rich past. Dramatic cliffs along the Ohio River offer beautiful scenery for photos.

All of these places provide a backdrop for some excellent footage for brand videos and ad narratives related to your company. In today’s blog, Iron House Studios highlights some stunning outdoor venues for Cincinnati video production.

Roebling Suspension Bridge

The Roebling Suspension Bridge over the Ohio River is one of the oldest such structures in the world. The beauty of the brown bricks and metal trellises should look familiar to anyone. John A. Roebling designed and constructed the ultra-famous Brooklyn Bridge after our beloved Roebling bridge. Yet the Brooklyn version gets to be in all the big Hollywood movies! We can create a gorgeous outdoor set along or near the suspension bridge as part of a Cincinnati video production.

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Winton Woods

Get back to nature at Winton Woods, one of Hamilton County’s largest parks. Showcase families having a picnic, paddling on the lake, or walking along some of the paved trails. This area represents a fantastic set for Cincinnati video production when you want to highlight a calm and peaceful setting. Just west of Winton Woods sits a historical treasure: The oldest working covered bridge in Ohio. Step 150 years into the past at Jediah Hill Covered Bridge. The rustic wood beams exude history and the romance of the past for a brand video or ad narrative.

Devou Park

Devou Park in Covington shows your prospective customers sweeping views of the Cincinnati skyline. It’s a perfect place to highlight company picnics, a couple walking hand-in-hand, or kids playing in the grass. Iron House Studios has plenty of options for a heartfelt video in Devou Park. We love showing you what we can do with outdoor Cincinnati video production in these types of scenic areas.

Tyler Davidson Fountain

In the heart of our beloved city lies Tyler Davidson Fountain. This beautiful work of art depicts religious motifs, children playing with geese, and the city’s homage to the Ohio River. Tyler Davidson Fountain represents a fantastic venue for families, kids, employees, or customers who have a story to tell in a Cincinnati video production.

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Shawnee Lookout

Shawnee Lookout sits at the point where Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana meet. This nature area has gorgeous river views and a beautiful wooded area with hills. Our Cincinnati video production team can shoot many great scenes at this location, like people walking on a trail, driving next to the river, or even boating on the river. The nearby power plant provides an industrial backdrop if you prefer this type of setting.

Outdoor Cincinnati Video Production at Iron House Studios

As you can see, our cozy piece of heaven in southwestern Ohio has plenty of breathtaking outdoor sets for a Cincinnati video production. Contact Iron House Studios or call (812) 363-3802 for more information.

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