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4 Best Promotional Video Production Services For Marketing

Promotional video production can be very confusing for many business owners. It is challenging for managers when marketing plans fall flat with ineffective pieces of content. It is essential to understand what types of video production for marketing perform best.

There are four main types of promotional marketing videos that drive results for your business: customer testimonials, branded documentary videos, company culture videos, and explainer videos. Create this type of content, and you can increase brand awareness, connect with your customers, and build credibility in your niche.

Keep reading to learn more about promotional video production and details concerning the four most effective types of branded marketing videos. Discover video production services to increase customer interest and engagement with your business or organization.

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What Is Promotional Video Production?

Promotional video production is the process of creating compelling branded video content to raise awareness of your company and produce engagement with customers. These videos establish your business as a trustworthy, reliable industry leader.

Promotional video content should empathetically connect with its audience to convey that you understand their problem and are available to meet the need. Effective promotional video production primarily centers around four types of video content.

  • Branding

  • Testimonials

  • Company Culture

  • Explainers

These four types of promotional video production each serve a distinct purpose in growing awareness and engagement with your product or service. Your target audience will care about your promotional content if it speaks to their problem and offers a solution.

4 Key Aspects Of Effective Promotional Video Production

  1. Promotional content must demonstrate a solution that will help its audience succeed.

  2. Marketing videos must build trust and establish credibility.

  3. Video content must create an emotional response within its viewers.

  4. Promotional video production must include a clear call to action.

Professional promotional videos can directly speak to the audience you most want to capture. They set you apart from competitors, giving you the edge in your particular market.

Depending on which part of the customer journey you want to speak to will determine the type of promotional video production you should create. To help you figure this out, below is an explanation of how to use each kind of video marketing content.

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How To Determine The Promotional Video You Need To Produce

The best marketing plans include video content to reinforce an organization's credibility, relatability, and dependability. Without clear communication that resolves each of these aspects for a customer, the content will be ineffective.

The following four types of promotional video production strengthen a brands viability and create a lasting impact with its target audience:

  • Customer testimonials

  • Branded documentary videos

  • Company culture videos

  • Explainer videos

These marketing videos can uniquely convey an organization's ability to serve its audience effectively.

If you're looking to build credibility among your target audience, a customer testimonial video is one of the best ways to build trust. Simply put, a customer testimonial involves a satisfied customer highlighting their positive experience with your company.

You should be using testimonials to help establish credibility. Testimonials work because they aren't strong sales pitches; they come across in an unbiased voice and establish trust. You're using real people to show success in your product or service. -

A customer testimonial is one of the most potent promotional videos you can create. When looking for a reputable company to work with, many people seek the advice of others. People want to know what others think and will typically follow advice from those who've had similar issues in the past.

Customer testimonial videos can put your audience's worries and questions to rest. When people see someone they can relate to rave about your business; they're more likely to trust in your work.

3 Questions Businesses Can Answer To Create Better Promotional Video Content

  • What problem did a customer have before working with your company?

  • How did you help solve the issue for them?

  • How does your customer feel after doing business with your organization?

Answering these questions as marketing managers and customers discuss their experiences will help you create a meaningful connection with new potential clients.

A branded documentary video should be your company's primary marketing message concerning your organization. In this type of video, you'll answer the following questions for your audience:

  • Who are the people behind this company?

  • What does this organization value?

  • Do I align with their mission?

  • Does this company understand my problems?

  • Can this company help me solve my problems?

The best branded documentary advertising lead with empathy. In addition to helping your audience get to know who you are, this promotional video production should also communicate, "We understand the problem you're facing."

Branded videos are 100% unique to you and your target audience. Speaking directly to the hurdles your customers face can set you apart from the competition, and describing the exact problems you solve for customers communicates why your business exists.

promo video production

Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are an excellent investment if you get a lot of questions about a particular product or service. These videos convey essential information in a simple, engaging way.

If you have a process, product, or service that needs clarification, consider creating an explanation video. Think about things from the customer's perspective. Start with a problem, then work through the rest of the video by solving the issue.

Explainer videos are ideal for products that aren't performing well or need simplification concerning their use. While creating this type of video, ask yourself the following:

  • What part of using this process or product takes the most time?

  • How can the user experience be improved to produce happy results?

  • What frequent questions do people ask about the process, product, service?

Confusion produces a waste of time, energy, and ultimately financially. When you simplify processes with smooth, engaging, easy-to-follow content, you'll improve customer experience and save on resources.

Company culture videos help affirm the workplace environment you desire for your employees and communicate how team members treat each other.

Company culture videos are also beneficial when recruiting new candidates for open positions within your organization. Top talent wants to understand a companies culture. Job seekers want to know what it is like to work in a company and align their values and goals.

Many companies choose to highlight aspects of the physical environment or pay, but it's is equally effective to discuss the social culture. While having amenities like high-end coffee makers and pool tables in the break room is nice, it often means nothing if the social culture isn't healthy.

To make a company culture promotional video that inspires others to be a part of your team:

  • Use employee testimonials and storytelling to demonstrate the values of your organization.

  • Communicate the unique benefits of being a part of your team.

  • Display how there is room for employee growth through your company.

  • Share how your product or service solves a problem or issue.

A promotional video that shows a healthy, lively company culture will attract top talent in your industry, making this an excellent tool for hiring. It can also give you an edge over the competition in customers' minds.

People are usually much more willing to support a business that employees enjoy working for because it often leads to a more positive experience for everyone.

How Can Businesses Benefit From Partnering With A Promotional Video Production Company?

Very few people know how to optimize promotional video production as part of their marketing plan. Don't waste time scratching your head about creating engaging on-brand video content. Or, potentially worse, produce generic promotional videos that hurt your brand more than help.

Partnering with a professional video production company can ensure you get the best video content for your specific marketing needs.

A video production agency can provide creative guidance and expert storytelling for the best promotion video production to highlight your product or organization.

Professional marketing videos that capture the essence of your audience's needs and emotionally connect with their wants can set your business lightyears ahead of the competition.

Before purchasing a product or service, 50% of internet users look for related videos. This statistic means that having videos for your products will likely earn you more customers than without. -

High-quality promotional video production from an agency can increase views, engagement, and revenue for your company. Utilizing the four promotional video production types is one of the most effective marketing techniques you can employ.

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How Can Promotional Videos Set Your Products Apart from Other Brands?

Similar messaging and generic marketing is saturating industries with companies that make similar claims as everyone else. Your marketing efforts should help your business cut swiftly through the crowd of noise to speak to your target audience directly.

Video marketing can powerfully connect with people by utilizing dynamic storytelling, direct messaging, and engaging content.

Creating the right promotional videos can help solidify your brand and produce tangible results for your business. When you provide engaging video content, it's easy for your target audience to relate to you.

To discuss one or of the four most effective types of marketing videos, contact us today.

A dependable marketing plan includes a variety of promotional videos. Implementing promotional video production into your marketing can significantly increase the effectiveness of your efforts.

Getting videos like these out to the public can improve your visibility and credibility, setting you apart from other brands by connecting with your ideal audience.

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