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2 Ways A Promotional Video Company Help Increase Your Leads

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

In our modern, technology-centered world, it's easy to become overwhelmed with information. Video content is the dominant media type people engage with the most.

In 2019, 87% of people would like to see more videos from brands. -

Leaders need to market their business effectively and work with the right promotional video company. High-quality promotional video production can help generate brand awareness, increase leads, and ultimately gain more sales.

A promotional video company can create video content for your business to positively impact the bottom line while establishing brand credibility with consumers.

Professional branded video content can increase your reliability and trust in the industry, connect with your audience on an emotional level, and cause people to seek more information from your business.

Marketers and managers cannot underestimate the value of using professionally produced videos to market your product or service.

73% of B2B marketers say video positively impacts their ROI. -

Ad spend is more competitive, and average, boring content will get the same subpar results. Often, video is the missing piece from a successful marketing plan.

Keep reading to learn how a promotional video company can support your marketing efforts with high-value content that builds trust and brand loyalty.

promotional video production company

How Can A Promotion Video Company Benefit Your Business?

Promotional videos are short videos that raise brand awareness and compel viewers to engage with a product or service.

Crafting engaging stories that drive customers to take action requires experience and understanding the process of storytelling. A professional video production company can help you create on-brand video content with powerful CTAs.

84% of video marketers say video has helped them generate leads. -

Using empathetic, story-driven video content can increase awareness and trust in your company. A promotional video company can help you uncover the best content to share with your audience, whether online, on television, or at promotional events like conferences and trade shows.

What Type of Promotional Videos Help Generate Leads And Customers?

A promotional video company can offer various video marketing packages. However, some are more effective at generating leads and gaining new customers than others. Customer testimonials and branded documentary videos effectively invite an audience to inquire about more information or purchase.

Use your "awareness" or "top-of-funnel" videos for the highest quantity of leads. Those are typically informational or educational videos that appeal to various audiences and use cases. -

Customer testimonials and brand videos are best for reaching people at the beginning stages of their customer journey with you. Both videos can inform your audience about your product or service and invite them to take the next step for engaging with your company.

Featuring previous customers who are delighted with your products or services is the number one way to build trust and reliability with your target audience.

Today, 92% of consumers read online reviews, and 80% of shoppers trust reviews as much as personal recommendations.

This statement alone should be enough for companies to focus on reviews as a primary channel for social proof. -

Social proof is the most convincing content you can provide to your target market. There are countless unreliable businesses, but proving to your audience that customers experience satisfaction with your business will establish you as a trustworthy company.

91 percent of people regularly or occasionally read online reviews, and 84 percent trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation. -

People are more likely to trust you when they see what you've done for people with similar needs or interests. Marketing resources are so much more than promos that highlight features of your product; they are valuable pieces of content that garner trust with an audience - an experienced promotional video company understands this.

promo video production company

If you need more brand awareness and exposure for your business, creating a brand video is the first step. Branded video content is a smart way for marketing managers to share why their company exists and who it serves.

Effectively empathizing with your ideal customer creates a connection point for your brand to intersect with their pain point and offer a solution that solves their problem.

Fresh content like a branded documentary can uniquely convey the mission and values of your business and achieve and create high engagement rates, click-throughs, and conversions.

Sales and marketing teams use video to stand out from competitors and convert prospects. While email drip campaigns and digital ads provide customer touchpoints during the buyer's journey, video is more compelling.

Dynamic media helps brands tell a better story – so much that 76 percent of marketers say video has helped them increase sales. -

Consumers care about the stories your brand is connected to and seek to align with companies who value the same things. Sharing things like your company's purpose, why you care about your customer's problem, and the greater cause your business serves are practical ways to make your brand relatable.

Stay true to what makes your brand unique. Communicate who you are as a company by highlighting your vision and values. Informing customers of who you are and how you can solve their problems can establish trust and foster a personal connection.

3 Ways Branded Promotional Videos Directly Impact The Buyers Journey

A promotional video company can help capture genuine interactions and positive stories from your team to create powerful videos that convert. An expertly crafted promotional video can move buyers to action and distinguish a brand from its competitors.

1. Branded content is more influential than traditional marketing promotions.

  • B2B video marketing statistics show that most B2B customers watch videos to find out everything they can about a product or service before making a purchase. -

2. Promotional videos attract customers by raising awareness of your company and its mission.

  • Video brings more opportunities to create quality and creative content that converts better than most types of content. -

3. Video content can increase brand loyalty among your target audience and lead to return customers.

  • Customers trust and are more likely to buy from businesses that have video content on their website, and with good reason – if you can get all your questions answered by a source you trust, why wouldn't you move forward with a purchase? -

Promotional videos should provide tremendous value for your target audience. Content that helps and emotionally connect can directly impact viewers' ability to recall your brand and take actionable next steps.

4 Aspects Of Communication A Promotional Video Company Can Help Your Brand Execute

promotional video company

Today's world is highly-saturated with media, so you want to be sure your message stands out from the rest. The best and most effective branded promotional videos have some things in common.

Below are four essential characteristics that make promotional videos unique and compelling.

Simple To Understand

The content in your promotional videos should always be easy for your target audience to understand. Refrain from adding unnecessary details, which can detract from your overall message.

When you keep things simple, prospective customers are more likely to reach out to your company directly to learn

more about what you have to offer.

Brief, Engaging Content

A promotional video company can help ensure your content is engaging, concise, and holds your audience's attention. Ideally, your promotional video should only be about 30-90 seconds in length. At most, it should not exceed the two-minute mark. Because most people consume so much media, it's easy to become numb to information.

A Clear Call To Action

By the end of your promotional video, viewers should have a clear idea of their next steps. Providing a simple next step is the best way to initiate interaction from your audience.

Evokes An Emotional Connection

Promotional videos are most effective when your audience can recognize their story within the content. With the help of a promotional video company, you can uncover the unique problems your customers face, the values they hold dear, or the mission they believe in to communicate through your messaging.

Branded promotional video content can elevate your business and evoke strong reactions from your target customer. Working with a reputable promotional video production company is essential to ensure you create meaningful content that provides value to your audience.

We strive to provide engaging content that exceeds its objectives with every video. We believe in sharing honest, relatable stories that serve our customers and help their audience. Effective marketing solutions like great video should be accessible to all organizations, and we're here to deliver.

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