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7 Powerful Ways A Corporate Brand Video Will Increase Trust

A team is always more effective when everyone aligns with the same vision. Leaders must frequently share their business's mission and core values with their employees and customers. A corporate brand video can help leaders and managers communicate what matters most to your company.

Corporate branding helps the people you need to connect with your company to identify with it. Company brand videos can let your audience know what you stand for, why you exist, and the value your business offers.

Consumers develop loyalty to brands that provide a consistent, high-quality experience. Loyalty is essentially an emotional attachment to a brand.

Brand loyalty causes customers to inconvenience themselves or spend more for a particular brand. Developing a strong company brand or carrying desired product brands leads to more customer loyalty and long-term business benefits. -

A corporate brand video clarifies your company's identity and the purpose it serves. When your team and target market feel connected with your brand and believe in what you value, they're more likely to support your brand with loyalty and buy-in.

Below you'll discover how to enhance the branding that surrounds your business so that your audience wants to connect. You'll also learn why a corporate brand video is essential to this marketing effort and how it can benefit your company.

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What Is A Corporate Branding Video?

A corporate branding video focuses on your company's values to accentuate branding over the features of products and services. A corporate brand video can help viewers genuinely identify with your brand by utilizing storytelling and empathy-driven messaging.

When companies prioritize creating effective messaging to communicate their branding, it can eliminate barriers between a corporate company and consumer interest.

Corporate branding is essential because it defines the business's personality, characteristics, values, and purpose. This type of branding can lead customers to choose your product or service over others because they admire your purpose, believe in your cause, and share similar values. -

A corporate brand video makes your company more relatable to consumers and provides connections points for them to associate with. Customers will identify with your brand by personifying your business beyond a product or feature.

7 Reasons Companies Use Corporate Brand Videos To Strengthen Their Marketing

Consumers do not relate to old, outdated marketing tactics anymore. Buyers expect a personalized shopping experience and want to hear from companies who share the same ideals and values. Hurried strategies and promotions that try to reach the masses rather than targeted audiences go unnoticed and waste time.

Narrowing your focus will not only help you save money it will also help you build a more substantial business reputation and help you plan an effective strategy in reaching your target market. -

Company brand videos are specialized marketing content created to speak directly to audiences most likely to engage and relate to your business.

As percentages go, 91 percent of customers have watched a video about a product or service they care about. If nine out of ten of your customers watch your videos, they need to get real value out of the content they see. Otherwise, they'll stop viewing and start taking their business elsewhere. -

Relatable corporate brand videos crafted with expert storytelling and engaging content can strengthen loyalty, separate you from the competition, and build trust.

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7 Benefits Of Corporate Brand Videos

1. A brand video can increase consumer confidence in your business.

  • When customers feel connected to your brand, they are likely to choose your products over others, even if they are of the same quality. Right now, you can probably think of a handful of brands you buy from, even though you could probably spend a little less with another.

2. A corporate brand video makes your messaging repeatable.

  • By understanding the values and identity of your brand, your team and customers can easily share the same messaging.

3. Branded video content can help distinguish your company from the competition.

  • Companies with unique branded content are more memorable than competitors who regurgitate the same jargon as everyone else.

4. Company brand videos build loyalty and customer retention.

  • Like dwell time, video content promotes brand recall by making your website sticky. Not only are people drawn to clicking on your video, but they may also utilize the time to scroll and absorb other content on your page. Thus, users remain longer. -

5. The best corporate branding videos foster community around an idea rather than a product.

  • A corporate brand video involves sharing what you want to be known for and who you want to help. People connect with beliefs and values faster than products or services.

6. A corporate video can engage and unify your team.

  • When your team understands and believes in the organization's values, they will buy into the purpose of the business.

7. Video content can increase conversion rates.

  • Within a video, your audience is taken on a journey, told a story, and expect a climax. Your CTA is the climax of the story. Your viewers have been waiting for an answer, and now it's here. You delivered; now, all they need to do is take action.

A corporate brand video can measurable results within critical metrics of your business. Using a company profile video can promote brand awareness and growth for your company.

Sometimes, the missing piece of a successful marketing plan is engaging video content. Schedule a free consultation today to discuss a corporate brand video idea you have or ask questions.

4 Tips To Create An Effective Corporate Brand Video

Companies often feel confident in defining a product, its benefits, and the features that it offers. On the other hand, it can be challenging for leaders to describe the unique aspects of their company, like what it represents and its purpose in the marketplace.

Companies are extremely good at defining their product brands. But organizations are often less sure-footed when it comes to the corporate brand. For example, what does the parent company's name stand for? And, how is it perceived and leveraged in the marketplace and within the company itself? -

Video production companies specializing in branded storytelling can help businesses surface and share their values compellingly to connect with their audience.

Below are four critical aspects of producing an inspiring corporate brand video for your business to get a head start.

corporate storytelling videos

How To Create A Corporate Brand Video

Crystal Clear Branding And Messaging: Your video should communicate what your brand stands, the values it holds, and what it offers to the community.

Share Relevant Stories That Demonstrate Your Values: There's an adage: Show, don't tell. Meaning, you must provide examples of how your brand upholds its identity and values by serving the purpose it represents.

Be Genuine, Authentic, And Honest To Your Unique Voice: The tone, stories, and problems your business solves should accurately reflect your company. That means what is suitable for one company may not be for another.

Enlist The Help Of A Professional Video Agency: While it is possible to make a "home-made" corporate video, it's probably not the best idea unless you have extensive experience with video production and top-of-the-line equipment.

If you claim to offer the best service and quality, a video shot on an iPhone does not portray this company message. You are not giving your partners, prospective clients, or employees much confidence. -

Your business is too important to use low-quality, poorly produced content. Your company's story deserves to be heard, and consumers who share the same values as you want to hear from you.

Contact our team today to get professional help crafting a corporate brand video. Iron House Studios has years of experience helping small and mid-sized businesses create branded video content unique to the company and their customer's problems.

So Really, Why Should You Consider A Corporate Brand Video?

A corporate brand video can give your company a true sense of identity. Sharing your values and unique story can establish trust with your consumers, build community, and grow your relationship with customers for years to come.

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