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3 Ways To Use A Company Profile Video For Business Growth

More people are online today than ever before. Businesses with a social media and online presence can shorten the customer journey by utilizing video content to help consumers learn more about their company faster. One of the most effective ways to introduce your business to your target market is with a company profile video.

Consumers prefer branded video content because it is more memorable and valuable for quickly grasping who a company is, what they value, and how to do business with them.

A company profile video will help tell the story of your business and draw in more clients who identify with who you are. This type of video content can help you establish your brand by sharing the unique purpose and audience you exist to serve.

Keep reading to learn more about the advantages and uses of a company profile video. In the sections below, you'll discover how to effectively use a company profile video, understand why your small business or company could benefit from one, and even find the next steps for getting started.

Distinguishing your company and its unique offer is crucial to standing out. While most others share generic information or repurpose content that everyone else s using, you can take your company's advertising to the next level by creating story-driven marketing to connect directly with target consumers.

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What Is A Company Profile Video?

A company profile video briefly summarizes its purpose, values, and service. It also shares how it can uniquely help the customers it serves by highlighting their problems and offering a solution. It is a holistic story that conveys the mission of your business and who it exists to reach.

Using content unique to your brand and your audience will help you effectively share the information that customers most want to know and understand about your business. The messaging, visuals, and stories should directly communicate to the customer that you understand their problem and exist to help them solve it.

What A Company Profile Video Should Include

A company profile video should share the values, benefits of its product or services, the mission of your business, and its target audience. The goal is to provide viewers with identifiable features of your brand that they want to associate with because your business is relatable.

4 Elements Every Company Profile Video Must Include

1. Messaging that conveys the unique problem you can help your audience solve.

If you want it to get attention, lead with what's in it for others when they do business with you. Cut through the clutter and hook your next ideal customer, partner, or employee. After all, that's who wants to understand your company profile. -

2. Story-Driven content that engages viewers and emotionally connects them to your brand.

Telling the story of your business can make people feel more engaged and connected to your work. One of the most important things you do for your video will be to tell your company's story in a way that makes it relatable and authentic to your potential clients.

People connect better with stories than they do with a list of facts. If you want people to remember the information from your company profile, tell a story about your brand. -

The last thing you want is for your video to seem stiff. You can keep it highly professional if best, but make sure it still has a human element to connect with people. Think of it this way, if the video seems stiff, so will your whole company, considering this may be the first impression many people will have.

3. The values your company seeks to uphold and support.

Seventy-one percent of consumers prefer buying from brands that align with their values. -

4. A call to action inviting viewers to take a clear next step.

After watching the video, what action do you want the audience to take? Providing clear next steps can lead to more leads, sales, or prospects. You can direct them to send an email, call you, visit a landing page, or schedule a meeting. The goal is to make it easy, straightforward, and doable in one step.

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What Are The Benefits Of A Company Profile Video

Company profile videos are beneficial because they capture the essence of the brand. They help companies attract the right customers and communicate the aspects that are consumers are most interested in before doing business or making a purchase. Below are three benefits of sharing a company video with the world.

3 Benefits Of Sharing A Company Profile Video

1. Creating a company profile video can help you attract more clients.

The more eyes see your video, the more potential you give your business to grow with new customers.

Not only do consumers pay attention to video content the most, but they also want to see more video content in the future. Whether you're on board or not, consumer preference for video is real. -

People who purchase are demanding video content and prefer doing business with companies that produce them.

2. Sharing branded video content can help establish your branding.

Without branding, your business is just another name, product, or service in a sea of other companies.

A company profile will naturally describe what makes your company unique. It will automatically differentiate your brand because no other company has the same founding story and reason for existing that you do. -

Video content about your company can make your brand recognizable and relatable to your target market.

3. The best company profile videos produce brand loyalty and repeat customers.

The way you present your company determines its place in the hearts and minds of your ideal customer. Authentic stories about your company relevant to its audience can produce credibility and genuine interest.

Consumers want to learn more about the people behind their favorite brands. Seventy percent of consumers, for example, report feeling more connected when a brand's CEO is active on social. Additionally, 72% of consumers feel similar when employees share information about a brand online. -

Brands are more than a product; they are a community to belong to and causes to support. Your customers want to know the people behind your business.

A company profile video can significantly help strengthen your business by making your brand more accessible and shareable. They can convey your values and demonstrate how your business is a part of a broader community.

company profile video production

3 Ways A Video Production Agency Can Enhance Your Company Profile

Professional video production agencies can provide a plan with scripts expertly crafted to engage your target market.

  • This video should be a representation of everything your company stands for. Therefore, you don't want to wing it. Working with video professionals can help you make sure you have a plan for filming and a script that focuses on engagement using storytelling.

Secondary footage can strengthen the production with extra scenes, transitions, and illustrations.

  • B-Roll consists of visually exciting shots carefully placed throughout the video. Additional video and imagery help keep viewers focused on the message.

Great editing can bring a video to life by highlighting emotion, tension, color, and pace.

  • Adding music, images, and text to your video can make it pop. Stagnant shots, slopping clips, monotonous tones, and improper use of pace can kill a message, no matter how important it is.

While with today's technology, you certainly can make a company profile video on your own; however, your business may deserve better. Unless you or your team members have significant experience with videography, editing, and storytelling, it's easy to make mistakes and sabotage your brand.

Working with professional video production agencies or subpar individuals can make your break your investment in a company profile video. A video production company can capture the essence of your brand and surface the best stories to engage the target audience.

Iron House Studios can guide your company profile using a process to uncover the best story-driven content within your business. Contact us today to discuss your companies video needs.

So Really, Why Does Your Company Need a Profile Video?

Your company should have a profile video because the world is rapidly changing, and video advertising is more important than ever. Think about how many products or services you have discovered online.

With a company profile video, you can share your brand with the people who need to know about it the most. Most importantly, you can tell your company's story and let customers know why you exist and the unique ways you can help solve a problem they face.

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