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4 Reasons Food Video Production Best Serves Your Customer

Almost 60% of the world's population uses the internet, and 92% of users access it through their phones. Social media has become part of nearly everyone's daily life. Whether scrolling through Instagram, watching videos on Tiktok, or catching up on Facebook, more people are online than ever before.

The digital population continues to grow, and Bakers, chefs, and restaurants can take advantage of this by sharing food video production for the world to see.

Food is one of the most popular subjects for videos. From cooking new recipes to decorating pastries, food videos are viral content that people love to watch.

Consumers prefer food videos more than photos because they can learn as they observe someone prepare a dish, it engages the senses more, and it is satisfying to see recipes assembled from start to finish.

Discover the benefits of using food videos for your restaurant or company. Continue reading to learn what makes food video production different from others and why food videos portray meals, kitchen operations, and dishes so well. And find out how to incorporate this media into your marketing efforts.

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How Can Producing Food Videos Benefit Your Restaurant Or Service

Food video production can benefit restaurants or services because they help elevate your brand, reach your target audience, and present your product in an engaging and relevant way. Food product videos help your company explain a process, share how-tos, provide testimonials, or highlight your brand story.

Using food videos to elevate your brand allows you to answer customers' specific questions about your food or service. Food is already so personal; humanizing your brand by sharing powerful stories that connect your audience to your brand can catapult your business.

Using video to capture the essence of your brand can also open up ideas and collaboration opportunities to partner with content creators on places like Instagram or youTube to recreate your dishes or use your foods. In this way, you can reach that creator's audience, thus expanding your reach and relevancy.

According to a new study from Google, millennials are increasingly relying on their smartphones for help in the kitchen, as 59 percent claim they cook with their tablets or smartphones nearby.

More people are online, cooking at home, and establishing loyalty with brands they trust. The options are almost endless when it comes to food video productions. Food videos can reveal your process, highlight your menu, tell your story, or provide shareable content like how-tos or explainers.

Recent research shows that 76% of surveyed adults report purchasing after viewing a marketing video. Whether you need to increase foot traffic, feature a menu item, showcase the ambiance of your space, or display your food in the most appealing way possible, video production can help.

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What Makes Food Video Production Different Than Others

Compared to other videos found on social media and the internet, food videos have a mass appeal that can attract anyone. Food video production is enjoyable to many audiences because it can be educational, enjoyable, stimulating the senses. There are four significant reasons people enjoy watching food videos over other subjects and topics.

4 Reasons Food Video Productions Is Different Than Other Topics

  • At-home cooks can observe as chefs prepare the dish and attempt to make it themselves.

  • Viewers often find it relaxing to watch someone create a meal, decorate cakes, or enjoy a dish.

  • Food video productions can teach about the science of recipes and the cultures that use them.

  • Food often connects people to particular memories and creates a sense of nostalgia.

Most content falls into a specific niche or topic, such as yoga routines or gaming videos, that attract particular people. On the other hand, food is a topic that everyone can understand and enjoy as food provides fuel for our bodies and is a significant aspect of celebrations.

Why Food Videography Best Portrays Meals & Dishes

Food videography allows restaurants and other food vendors to display their products in a way that can appeal to multiple senses. Food videos enable customers to see the special steps taken to prepare a dish and get an idea of the taste of available meals at a particular restaurant or venue.

This medium is different from food photography because the dish's steps are often shown in food videography, while food photography often only shows the finished product.

While food photography can also portray the fantastic food, a chef or baker creates. Food videography can activate multiple senses and develop an appreciation for the food within the viewers as they watch and understand the process rather than just admiring the finished product.

Food videography allows the viewer to feel as though they are in the same room as the chef as they prepare the dish. They can also teach the audience how to make the food to create the meal themselves.

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Why Do Customers Prefer Food Videos Over Photos

Food videos are more interactive and engaging as they stimulate viewers, taste, smell, and imagination. Food video production provides customers a behind-the-scenes look at the process of bringing a plate from the kitchen to the table.

4 Reasons Customers Prefer Food Videos Over Photos:

  • Food videos remind individuals that they are a part of a community of people who share similar tastes in foods.

  • Video is more engaging than photos and provides a better opportunity to share stories to connect with the audience.

  • People like video because it captures a more holistic view of an experience or process.

  • Food video productions are comforting and remind individuals of special moments and people.

Both food videos and food photos can appeal to customers, but customers tend to prefer food videos. Customers also find that food videos change their appetite, causing them to try different restaurants and new foods.

Food videos provide more experience, while food photos mainly focus on the finished product. Video conveys the food as is, which helps customers believe the aesthetics of the food are not edited or changed.

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Food Video Production Summary

Food videos are one of the most viral forms of content on social media. Food videos help customers see the foods and interact more with the content. Consumers are more inclined to engage with and even purchase from restaurants and companies that use video to showcase their foods.

If you need restaurant video production, content to highlight your foods, or footage to explain your process Iron House Studios can help scope out a project to best serve your needs.

Your restaurant or company can benefit significantly from food videos as they serve as powerful branding pieces for your restaurant or company. Let us help you uncover the best story to share and capture the best content from your team. To get started, contact us today to discuss your food video production needs.

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