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4 Quality Explainer Videos For Education To Inspire Learning

Educational video production for secondary and tertiary institutions is an effective way to inform students, parents, teachers, and school administrators with engaging, thought-provoking content.

It seems teachers are integrating technology into your classroom daily. Explainer videos are a helpful tool to convey messages and knowledge to connect with students.

There are many creative ways to use explainer videos for education. Marketing managers can use them for better external communication, teachers can enhance their learning experience, or administrations can convey an initiative requiring strong vision and storytelling.

Highlighting the value of the opportunities within your school or enhancing the educational experience for students can capture your audience's attention. Please keep reading to learn how you can use explainer videos for education and why they are helpful resources.

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What Is An Explainer Video In Education?

An explainer video is a short video that describes, illustrates, and simplifies a complex concept. These videos use storytelling and engaging content to explain concepts, ideas, and processes.

Marketers, teachers, and administrators can use explainer videos for education to recruit students or faculty, improve the learning experience, or share about upcoming initiatives.

How Can Educational Institutions Use Explainer Videos

  • Administrative Leaders Can Use Explainer Videos To Share Vision Or Upcoming Initiatives

  • Marketing Managers Can Use Educational Explainer Videos For External Communication

  • Teachers Can Use Explainer Videos To The Learning Experience

  • Staff Leaders Can Use Explainer Videos For Training Faculty Members

Explainer videos for education can simplify science concepts in a high school classroom or train new employees within a university. Educational explainer videos are versatile types of content that organizations can use in various ways to simplify ideas and improve communication.

Explainer videos for education can enhance the learning experience for students or help increase enrollment by sharing unique stories that represent the impact your school is having on students' futures.

Using educational-driven content to clarify a problem or issue is an excellent way to explain concepts, processes, and ideas. By sharing compelling ideas and demonstrating how to take action, you can help your audience move forward.

educational explainer videos

Why Are Explainer Videos In Education Important?

Explainer videos in education are important because they can enhance the learning experience, improve concept retention, and increase teachability. Students consume media fast; explainer videos can quickly capture attention and set the tone for learning.

Approximately 65 percent of the population are visual learners, so you'll likely have several in your group. Visual learners are often called spatial learners and, unsurprisingly, learn and remember best through visual communication.

Around 30 percent of the population comprises auditory learners, who learn best through hearing. -

Roughly, the other 5% of learners are kinesthetic learners, who require more hands-on experiences. They often struggle to absorb learning through traditional lectures.

Visual learners prefer seeing images; they have good "visual memory. " For them, it is much easier when to read or to make diagrams to retain the information. According to these characteristics, the courses must include diagrams, drawings, pictures, videos.

The auditory style involves accumulating information efficiently through listening, so teachers must have a clear speech, with tonal changes where the information displayed is more critical.

Kinesthetic needs to participate actively in learning, practicing maneuvers, associating the information with a specific activity. -

Quality learning is possible when teaching methods connect with students' specific needs. Explainer videos uniquely combine visual elements with storytelling to associate information with activity.

To discuss your explainer video for educational purposes, contact us today to schedule a free 30-minute consultation.

What Should Be In An Explainer Video For Education?

An explainer video should consist of four key components; the problem, the solution, how the concept works, and a call to action. These elements are relevant to any subject you teach or demonstrate.

An educational video production company can help ensure your message is clear, concise, and connects with your audience. An explainer video for education can use storytelling, engaging visuals, and creative elements to produce compelling content for viewers.

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4 Components Of Effective Explainer Videos For Education

Explainer Videos For Education Must Introduce A Problem

The first part of any explainer video describes the problem. Highlighting a problem helps people identify with a familiar issue. Using stories to highlight a problem is an effective way to help students or faculty relate.

Storytelling also helps with learning because stories are easy to remember. Organizational psychologist Peg Neuhauser found that understanding which stems from a well-told story is retained more accurately and for far longer than learning derived from facts and figures. -

A well-crafted explainer video will help viewers retain and understand the information to lead to transformation.

Educational Explainer Videos Must Provide A Solution

After explaining the problem, you need to pose a manageable solution. The solution must be simple and possible with a series of actionable steps. The benefits of solving the problem must describe a better reality and define how it can help improve a current status.

The Best Explainer Videos For Education Simplify Concepts

Some processes or tasks can feel daunting. Helping people grasp the concepts that drive a process can open up new areas of understanding and vastly expand learning potential.

While teaching to the test is common for state accountability and measurement, these methods do not always give students the skills to complete tasks outside of the classroom. -

Explaining a concept can help individuals understand why something is a problem. For many, first understanding why something is a problem can equip them with logical resources to use a process.

Explainer Videos Must Empower Students To Take Action

Education is all about equipping people to take positive steps forward with new helpful information. Providing a practical call to action empowers people to practice their new understanding.

How To Effectively Use Educational Explainer Videos When Teaching Or Presenting

To use explainer videos for education purposes most effectively, teachers, marketers, or presenters should strategically plan utilizing the content.

To maximize the benefits of an explainer video in the classroom or during a presentation, consider how you introduce the concepts the explainer video solves and the follow-up after the video concludes.

4 Ways Educators Can Maximize Using An Explainer Video

Introduce The Big Idea Contained Within The Explainer Video

A critical step for teachers and presenters is introducing the concept before showing the video. By explaining the idea ahead of time, students will know what the video is about and avoid wasting energy trying to figure out why the video is playing.

Play The Explainer Video At An Ideal Time In Your Lesson Or Presentation

After you introduce the concept, you can show the explainer video. Teachers and presenters can use explainer videos to demonstrate a problem, propose a viable solution, and inspire action.

Discuss The Concepts Shared Within The Explainer Video As A Group

Providing time for class-led discussions as a whole or in smaller groups can help to solidify further understanding of the concepts. Asking thought-provoking questions to create conversations will help individuals interact with the concepts.

Practice The Concepts

Finally, after discussion, individuals should apply their new learning. Depending on the context, this can be a quiz, request to donate, or a contact form.

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Should All Explainer Videos For Education Education be Animated?

No, not all explainer video services primarily use animation, nor should they. The subject matter, purpose, and target audience are all factors that can determine if an explainer video should use animation, a combination of both, or none at all.

An educational video production company can help you assess the type of explainer video that will best serve your audience.

Explainer videos for education can help to teach your students, share an initiative, or train faculty. Explainer videos are beneficial resources that educational leaders can use to enhance, transform, and inspire their audiences to new levels of learning.

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