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Educational video production can seem daunting.

We found that one marketing manager usually handles

all the external communication for their whole organization.


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The Education Revolution: A Look into the Education System

Most schools promote themselves using their test results and enrollment rates. What if the data isn't telling the whole story? What if there's a more competitive advantage within the stories of the staff and students?


Butler Tech had a story to tell....

We followed the lives of 4 individual students at Butler Tech and gave the school professional video content to share that story with the world. The connection that real stories told through educational video production has been greater than any advertisement about test scores. It has led to a national reach and impact with the education system, maxed-out enrollment numbers, and students that are changing the world.

University of Cincinnati needed a creative solution...

For UC Online's Social Work Program, we created a testimonial video of a current student who had a wild, engaging story that led up to receiving her education at the University of Cincinnati. She shared how easy it was to enroll. She also spoke on how the flexibility of her schedule and the quality of the program has pushed her closer to her dream of being a Social Worker.


Using this story as professional video advertising, UC Online was able to hit their enrollment goals sooner than they thought. With Iron House Studios, you can get educational video content to create credibility and authority with your changing audience.


Whether it's educational video production for high schools, colleges or universities, we're here to help you find and tell the most engaging videos.

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