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3 Reasons To Use Aerial Videos In A Marketing Strategy

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

Aerial Video Cincinnati Iron House

You've probably seen at least one aerial video taken from a drone while browsing social media or YouTube.

Sprawling natural vistas, cruises through city streets, or a cityscape directly below you — these are all gorgeous ways we capture breathtaking videos for our clients.

Aerial videography can also enhance brand videos as part of an ad narrative for your company or organization.

Discover three ways aerial videos can strengthen your marketing efforts in today's blog.

3 Reasons To Incorporate Aerial Videos Into Your Marketing Strategy

Aerial Videos Create The Wow Factor

Brand videos and ad narratives from Iron House Studios focus on a human element with emotional stories. But sometimes, you want a wow factor in your video production to get the viewer's attention.

Aerial videos work perfectly for fantastic footage that captures the imagination of your target audience.

Reveal shots offer surprise endings to a brand video that can leave an audience with a feeling of awe.

Consider a group shot of employees at the entrance of your facility. Suddenly, the shot pulls up and away. The image becomes a soaring wide shot of your entire building with the group standing in front.

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Aerial Footage Provides A New Perspective

Aerial videos give customers and clients a new perspective on your brand. Overhead shots show that your company or organization is part of a broader community.

Peel away from your building to reveal neighboring buildings, homes, and properties to let everyone know that you're an integral part of your city or town.

Aerial shots can move quickly from person to person as they smile, wave, or have fun to showcase an enjoyable part of your brand.

A diverse vantage point of your building with a bird's eye view creates a different perspective on your brand when sending a message to clients.

Aerial Videography Can Enhance Your "Cool" Appeal

Aerial videos have a broad appeal to many audiences, but they are exceptionally appealing to younger people.

Enhance your appeal on social media and get more interactions with long-range vistas and fast-moving drone videos.

Consider having a sign on the roof of your facility that people could only see with an aerial video as the shot pans out.

People playing kickball or eating at a company picnic also provide ways to highlight a fun or family-friendly atmosphere.

Aerial videos also create an element of surprise, making them more memorable.

Professional Aerial Videos Services Available With Iron House Studios

Iron House Studios specializes in creating documentary-style ads and marketing videos. We also love the cool factor and wowing customers with aerial videos, dramatic visuals, and surprises.

Contact Iron House Studios to schedule a free consultation to discuss drone videography services or other video production ideas.

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