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4 Affordable Ways Aerial Videography Can Benefit Customers

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

With thousands of other marketing and advertisements bombarding the average consumer's senses, what will set your brand apart from the rest?

Effective marketing means staying on top of effective strategies and advancing technologies to showcase your business and entice potential clients to use your services.

Many companies use videos as a perfect tool for presenting their products and services. However, modern technologies offer us an even more immersive way to introduce products. There are 360-degree video experiences. -

Aerial videography is an excellent way to create a unique experience for customers or an audience you want to impact.

While it may not be a new trend, it has stood the test of time and will be utilized in marketing efforts yet to come, like the 360-degree video marketing trend predicted for 2022.

aerial videography

What Is Aerial Videography?

Aerial videography captures video images from an overhead vantage point via aircraft or other flying technology like a drone. It offers a more expansive and elevated point of view that an audience would rarely have access to, making it a distinctive perspective and highly memorable.

With aerial videography, you can create varying physical and metaphorical effects, which evoke strong feelings that can swing in various directions depending on the desired outcome.

Stunning aerial video footage can provide a unique view of a location or event. Drone videography is perfect for capturing a distinct vantage point of your business through a bird's eye point-of-view. -

Aerial videography is also known by a few different names in case you are more familiar:

  • Raised Shot

  • God's Eye View

  • Elevated Shot

  • Bird's Eye View

At one point, the only way to accomplish a feat like aerial videography would have been to rent an aircraft and go through all the red tape to get in the air and capture thirty seconds to a minute of footage.

All of this would've been very costly and likely not worth the investment. Luckily, technologies have advanced a great deal giving us some more cost-efficient, not to mention safer options.

How can Aerial Videography Enhance Your Brands Marketing Efforts?

When you are marketing a product or service, the goal is to give the viewer a legitimate reason to use your product or service. You want them to connect to it in an impactful and lasting way. The most effective way to do this is to appeal to their emotions.

A 'God's eye' viewpoint can evoke an array of different emotions from your viewer, from awe and excitement to wistfulness and relaxation. Capturing a location uniquely in one shot is immersive and provides viewers with a full-spectrum experience of a venue, product surroundings, or event.

An aerial perspective is rare and can elicit emotions of wonderment. It is a versatile way of obtaining footage with minimal disruption. Potential clients would see this and feel they would be getting a one-of-a-kind experience.

While technology has changed dramatically over time, the human desire to see the world from above has remained constant. -

Aerial videography can enhance brands marketing efforts by uniquely portraying movement, context, and distinct vantage points.

Suppose you were marketing a vehicle and wanted to showcase its speed and agility on the open road. In that case, you could do so with an extended aerial shot, recording it going through a winding cliffside or desert road.

Drones produce high-quality footage and photos while saving you time and money compared to other traditional video forms.

With unlimited versatility, you can do anything from live streaming drone footage to putting drones themselves in the show; the results can be amazing, generating buzz and building brand awareness across social channels. -

There is so much diversity with aerial videography, from showcasing a house-build on rolling acreages of land all in one take for your carpentry business. Or expressing the need for help for your non-profit by capturing the mass devastation after a natural disaster.

Aerial videography is a powerful tool for capturing senses and eliciting a visceral response from an audience.

aerial videography services

What Types of Businesses Should Use Aerial Videography Services?

Some more apparent industries that would benefit from aerial videography are real estate, event planning, recreational parks/sites, cinematography, sports, construction, marketing, or tourism.

In truth, there is a long list of businesses that could utilize drone videography services to market their products or services. Perhaps those who haven't even considered this a strategy to advertise their business.

Some industries that may not already utilize aerial videography but would greatly benefit are search and rescue, non-profit organizations, disaster relief, hotels and resorts, oil and gas, or land development.

Most businesses can benefit from aerial videography; however, they must know how it will help their audience.

The biggest issue with drone videography is not the technology or the operators themselves but clients and expectations.

Here are some of the essential functions of drone videography:

  • Provide setting and context

  • Survey land or facilities

  • "Eye-in-the-sky" POVs

  • Track high-speed motion or movement

  • Capture picturesque landscapes

How or what can a drone capture with a camera that you can't from standing on the ground? -

Depending on your business, aerial videography can help organizations feature products, services, or initiatives in an inspiring, creative, and valuable way.

If you have a product or service to offer that you want to display uniquely and are wondering if aerial videography is suitable to market your business, the best thing to do is consult with a videographer. To discuss your video needs, click HERE to contact us.

How Can Aerial Videography Services Benefit Your Business?

Aerial videography can provide impressive footage to capture your audience to help them decide if and how they should do business with you. It is an impactful way to display the features, surroundings, and aspects of an opportunity or product.

4 Benefits Of Using Aerial Videography

  • Impressive Point-Of-View

  • Display Context And Settings

  • Capture And Track Movement & Speed

  • Engaging Content For Audience

Using aerial video services communicates to your audience that you are invested in their experience and care about your business. It conveys the professionalism necessary for creating a lasting impression on a potential client.

Quality storytelling can be life-changing for your brand. Aerial videography takes this up a notch, adding more emotion, action, and depth to the story you're creating for your customers. -

Providing a unique perspective of your business will have the type of impact to garner interest that can lead to more business. Not to mention, it is an incredible view that doesn't have to cost your business an unbelievable price.

You want to put your best foot forward in business and show potential clients that your product or service is worth their time and hard-earned money. Using marketing strategies that will most effectively reach your customers is imperative.

Branding is your calling card and is often the first introduction to potential clients. First impressions are powerful and can have long-term effects, so they must be positive.

aerial videographer

Aerial Video Services

Visual marketing reaches all over the globe no matter what your geography. Aerial video services can provide accessible views, even to the most remote places, and translate into engaging content for your website, social media, or other marketing resources.

Help your audience break through the barrier of visual limitations and experience almost endless possibilities for capturing full-spectrum videography by partnering with an aerial videographer.

Working with a professional aerial videographer can help your business reach beyond standard marketing efforts by providing your target market with video content that is helpful and exciting to them.

Iron House Studios follows all FAA regulations and obtains the necessary flying permits. Contact our team today to schedule a free consultation call to discuss aerial video services and options.

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