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Iron House Studios Discusses Storytelling in Video

Video Production Iron House Studios

People love hearing stories. They create an emotional hook that keeps your target audience engaged with your content and hence, your brand. Iron House Studios takes pride in getting to the core of your brand’s message with effective and heartfelt storytelling. In today’s blog, we discuss great storytelling techniques to use in your videos.

Tap Into Authentic Emotions

Video advertising means nothing if your message doesn’t generate an emotional connection with your target audience. Your message can be uplifting, funny, poignant, sad, rejoicing, happy, shocking, upsetting, or any combination of these. We can’t stress the emotional impact of video ads enough at Iron House Studios. People remember emotional videos, which is why you must create this type of connection.

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Find Your Voice

We don’t mean the perfect voiceover artist for your video production at Iron House Studios. Your voice relates to the power behind the story. Do you want to sound authoritative, trendy, modern, caring, humorous, traditional, or serious? Your voice showcases the company’s mission and values in a tangible way for people to relate to. One of our clients, Ronald McDonald House, combines poignant interviews with families of children facing tough health challenges with an uplifting message that RMDH offers hope to these families.

Determine a Point of View

Point of view is another important aspect of storytelling in a video. Lawn Doctor uses several perspectives in its B2C videos. Some videos showcase a funny, obsessed, overbearing, personal trainer-type of guy trying to convince customers to use his lawn care services for a variety of oddball reasons. Another video highlights interviews with franchise owners who tell their stories about how owning a business changed their lives. More videos made by Iron House Studios offer funny vignettes about lawn owners who receive flirtatious glances from various people. All of these points of view deliver emotions and a voice to the brand.

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Iron House Studios Brings It All Together

Iron House Studios brings your point of view, voice, and authentic emotions together into whatever type of video you need. Our team works with nonprofit video ads, B2B videos, and B2C videos, whether you need narrative ads, case study videos, or brand videos. Contact Iron House Studios or call (812) 363-3802 for more details.

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