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How to Tell Your Core Story in Narrative Ads

Narrative Ad Iron House Studios

How do you tell your brand’s story without overtly selling to your target audience? Enter narrative ads. Think of a narrative ad as a short story. It has a beginning, a middle, and an end. What happens after the story? Your customers reach out to you to hear the sequel! Iron House Studios explains how to tell your core story in a series of short messages with narrative ads.


Like any story, you want your characters to relate the audience interacting with the narrative ad. Your message must be real. Do you have actual employees saying why they like to work at your place? What about real customers who received a positive impact from your brand? How about a situation that happened at your company that turned into a great story?

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Be specific in your message because relevant details resonate with your audience. Don’t just say, “I was late to work one morning when an idea hit me.” Instead, go for something like: “I was stuck in traffic during my morning commute. The Check Engine light kept staring at me. Two coffees before 9 a.m. refused to get my spirits up. I had a long night last night fighting with my partner about the finances. Then, it hit me as I parked my car 100 feet from the front door of the office.” Those details about commutes to work, financial difficulties, and arguing with a partner are all relatable details that set the scene of the narrative ad.

Verbal and Visual

Words on the page can only go so far when telling your brand’s story. The beauty of narrative ads is that they’re verbal and visual. You can achieve emotional connections with a look, a sound, a sigh, a smile, a rainy scene, children laughing, employees at a picnic, or customers using your product. The possibilities are endless for mixing the right visual and audio elements to achieve the perfect message.

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Talk to Iron House Studios About Narrative Ads

Iron House Studios can help you find the heart of your message. Our narrative ads work best for passionate brands who understand their customer’s needs. If you need help with your storytelling, we can find your core message through one of our messaging workshops. Contact Iron House Studios or call (812) 363-3802 for more information.

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