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How to Know If You’ve Hired a Professional Video Production House

How do you reach prospective clients and customers using the most effective and most-consumed type of marketing on the planet? Videos convey your genuine brand message most effectively, and a professional video production house helps you create the ideal video. In today’s blog from Iron House Studios, we describe how to know you’ve hired the right video production house for your company or organization.


The first thing a professional video production house should do is listen. We listen to your message, your concerns, and your goals. Maybe your customers don’t know what your company does. Perhaps your brand identity is suffering from misperceptions among staffing recruits. Iron House Studios understands the problems you’re trying to solve. The first thing we do is listen to your concerns and talk to you.

Quote Before a Contract

After we listen to what you’re saying, the staff at Iron House Studios gives you a quote and timeline of services. You know precisely what you get and when you receive it, provided there are no unforeseen circumstances with our timeline. Our staff then quotes you a price after we understand what we’re delivering for your company. A professional video production house quotes a price to you before you sign a contract.

Little Details

Your chosen professional video production house takes care of every little detail of a shoot. We help you develop a messaging guide, record voiceovers and narrations, set up equipment, reserve any locations for outdoor shoots, hire talent, and take care of any permits we need.

Samples of Previous Work

Every professional video production house has examples of previous work. Look for videos embedded on the company’s website or in a separate portfolio section. Check out the company’s YouTube or Vimeo channel for more content. Seeing the finished product gives you a feel for the video company’s vibe and what they produce.

Testimonials From Clients

Samples of previous work are excellent. But you need testimonials from clients to see the whole picture of what a professional video production house does for clients. The end product may look fantastic. However, quotes from actual customers give you confidence that staffers deliver on time, within budget, and take care of everything.

Iron House Studios: Your Professional Video Production House

Iron House Studios specializes in genuine messaging that builds trust with your customers and clients. We’re a professional video production house in Greater Cincinnati, and we serve customers of all sizes. Contact Iron House Studios today or call (812) 363-3802 for more information.

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