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5 Ways to Elevate Your Testimonial Videos

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

Videos are the best way to convey a brand’s genuine message to the world. Not only do videos put faces and names to your brand, but they also create emotional connections with your audience. Testimonial videos, also called case study videos, offer one way to get your genuine message across. Today’s blog from Iron House Studios discusses five ways to elevate your testimonial videos for maximum effectiveness.

1. Focus on Benefits

Customers might understand your product or service, but they might not understand the nuanced ways the product or service could benefit their daily lives. Testimonial videos highlight all of the benefits your customers derive from your company. Imagine a small business owner, CEO, or long-time customer touting what your firm did for them. Seeing real people talking honestly and openly about your brand goes a long way to building trust with your target audience.

2. Eschew the Script

Viewers can tell when someone is reading from a script. Rather than having a script to read, try a question-and-answer format for customers in a testimonial video. Have someone off-screen ask a question that the customer answers in front of the camera. Try giving the client notes for talking points, such as why the person would recommend the product or service, what was the problem that the company solved, or who on your staff helped the customer through a trying time.

3. Include Relevant Intro

Every testimonial video needs an intro. Consider beginning with company signage, a logo, your storefront, or on-site employees. Introduce a client or customer with a simple caption on the screen. Start by having the person give his or her perception of life before encountering your brand. This creates a natural segue for the customer to explain how your company solved a problem.

4. Change Up the Visuals

Having someone talking in front of the camera sets the stage for the beginning of a testimonial video. But you should change up the visuals after a few seconds while maintaining the narration. Highlight the customer at home, at their place of employment, walking in a park, or engaging in some other activity. Perhaps showcase the customer entering your facility or corporate office. Try multiple angles of the customer’s face, shots of your product, or the person interacting with staff. The options are limitless. Creating attractive visuals maintains your audience’s attention.

5. Keep Testimonial Videos Short

Your chosen video production company may shoot up 30 minutes’ worth of raw video footage. An editor then whittles that footage down to usable chunks. The ideal length is anywhere from 30 to 60 seconds per video, especially if you intend to post your case study videos to social media. Consider releasing your testimonial videos in sequence. Start with a 15-second teaser, then post a 30-second case study video that goes into more depth, followed by a 60-second spot to give your audience the essence of your customers’ conversation. Feel free to post a full two- or three-minute video to encapsulate the entire brand message from start to finish.

Testimonial Videos From Iron House Studios

Iron House Studios produces testimonial videos (case study videos), B2B videos, and B2C videos for engaging brands across the Greater Cincinnati area. We get to the heart of your brand’s message and convey it to your target audience. Contact Iron House Studios or call (812) 363-3802 for more details on how we elevate your targeted messaging.

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