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Grant Providers for Non-Profit Video Production

Non-Profit Video Production Iron House Studios

You’re in charge of a non-profit organization with a message to send to potential donors and volunteers. You spend tons of time on social media, send out email blasts, and attend fundraisers to explain the impetus for your group. The problem is you’re just one person. You can’t send the organization’s message to as many people as possible by yourself. You need help. Enter non-profit video productions from Iron House Studios.

You Need Video

You would love to have a series of videos that put your group’s heartfelt message out there to the world. You can post the video to social media, YouTube, your group’s website, and emails. That way, you don’t have to be everywhere at once to spread the word. A non-profit video production does this outreach for you.

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How do you pay for it? Videos cost much more than merely typing 140+ characters on Twitter. Iron House Studios looks at grant providers for non-profit video production in Greater Cincinnati and Ohio.

Ohio Humanities

Ohio Humanities is the state-based partner of the National Endowment of the Humanities. This organization supports humanities-based documentary projects that have a broad public audience. Projects should focus on Ohio’s culture, people and history, with a focus on the humanities. Grants max out at $20,000 for full non-profit video production. See the Ohio Humanities website for a complete list of criteria.

Ohio State Bar Foundation

The Ohio State Bar Foundation awards grants to non-profit organizations that address specific, unmet legal needs in their communities. Some legal non-profit organizations showcased their projects in poignant narrative ads that told stories of how the grants changed the lives of people who otherwise would have lost their rights or failed to understand their rights. A non-profit video production for a legal organization can jumpstart a push for donors or volunteers when you make your cause clear and emotional in a heartfelt message.

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Ohio Arts Council

Take a look at the Ohio Arts Council if your group invests in quality arts experiences that strengthen Ohio artistically, educationally, and culturally. For example, you partnered volunteers with kids who need one-on-one attention in their art classes. A non-profit video production from Iron House can showcase the smiles on the kids’ faces when they learn a new concept. Or you might show your volunteers playing with the kids on the school playground. Our staff can help tell your story for maximum effectiveness on prospective donors and volunteers, no matter what kind of message you want to convey.

Non-Profit Video Production From Iron House Studios

Iron House Studios can help craft your organization’s story through non-profit video production. We assist you and your volunteers in finding the heart of your message to make it clear to donors and potential volunteers what your group is all about. Contact Iron House Studios today or call (812) 363-3802 for more details.

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