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Why Your Company Needs Facebook Videos

Woman Watching Facebook Videos

Facebook videos are very popular, and they seem to be everywhere. Whether you’re checking out the latest viral video at work or trying not to laugh at three minutes of cute kittens, chances are good that you’ve seen at least one video on Facebook today. Iron House Studios discusses why your company needs Facebook videos as part of your overall marketing strategy.

Billions and Billions of Users

Facebook owns the social media space. It’s the juggernaut of social networking with 1.56 billion active daily users as of March 2019. Nearly half of Facebook users access the platform through a mobile device, and people are five times more likely to watch a Facebook video on a mobile phone.

Lots and Lots of User Data

Facebook knows a lot about us. You can access a ton of data once someone follows your company’s Facebook account. Facebook’s data system lets you see someone’s demographics, location, and behavior on Facebook. Because you can access this data, it also lets you target advertising, posts, and Facebook videos to very specific elements of your audience.

Video Consumption per Day

Videos are the leading way that users consume information on this social network. Facebook videos receive a staggering 8 billion views a day. Collectively, people watch more than 100 million hours of Facebook videos on any given day. When you combine the voracious consumption of videos and Facebook’s detailed data system, you have a gold mine of marketing resources.

Facebook Videos, Sounds, and Captions

A vast majority— 80 percent— of Facebook users find loud sounds in their videos annoying. A full 85 percent of Facebook videos are played without any sound at all. Half of online video ads need to capture someone’s attention in the first three seconds. Closed captions in videos increase viewing time by 12 percent. These factors indicate you need a video that appeals to users right away and with great visual elements and text.

Facebook Video Length

Younger Facebook users are fickle and have shorter attention spans (75% less than people 65 and older). If you want to cater a Facebook video to someone 18 to 24 years old, cap the video at 15 seconds. Think about 30 seconds for everyone else. One great strategy is to make a longer narrative ad that can be edited down to a Facebook video at 30 and 15 seconds. Then, target your videos to various demographic groups based on the age of your Facebook followers.

Facebook Videos and Iron House Studios

Iron House Studios specializes in helping service-based brands develop genuine, trustworthy video and content messaging. Our professional Facebook videos let you target a specific audience with your heartfelt messaging. Even better, you can re-use the footage for other media and advertising channels. Contact us online or call at (812) 363-3802 to see how we can elevate your brand!

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