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Our Favorite Videos from 2016

2016 came and went in a blur! And yes, we realize it's already April of 2017 and we're just now getting around to blogging about our favorite videos from 2016... But hey, better late than never! Here's a few of our favorite projects from 2016.

HUBERT COMPANY: "My Experience" Story Series

Hubert gave us a simple goal for this series, film 5 inspiring stories that shed a positive light on the food service industry. We thought, Great! We love stories, especially inspiring ones. What we didn't know was how much this project would change our perception on life, family, and food! Cincinnati is filled with some incredible people.

What were the results from the series?

700 shares and over 55,000 views from Facebook alone.

Here's one of our favorites from the series. To read the blog that breaks down the project, click HERE.

LAWN DOCTOR: #LawnIntervention

Every man knows when his lawn is in rough shape, but is he willing to admit it? And how do you call him out on it without the defenses coming up? For this project we thought, what if we had a character have a heart-to-heart "intervention" with the viewer ? Not only can you "see yourself" in the commercial, but you're actual being addressed in the commercial too!

So far, this project holds the record of belly-laughs for our crew on set.

What were the results from the Ad?

Designed for a local Lawn Doctor Franchise and later to be adapted for the national brand as a whole, 68 shares and over 5,000 views on Facebook.

18 AT THE RADISSON: More Than A Restaurant

The revolving restaurant on top of the Radisson just went through major renovations as well as a complete rebrand. While sitting in the discovery workshop one of the team members began talking about their first experience at that restaurant 10 years ago in high school with a prom date. Story after story began coming out about anniversaries, proposals, and special memories celebrated at that restaurant. It was from this insight that we drew the creative to focus our attention on one couple experiencing a moment at 18.

What were the results from the Ad?

This ad has ran solely as a Youtube preroll Ad and TV Commercial.

That's the best so far! 2017 is already bringing us some of the most challenging and rewarding brand campaigns to date that we can't wait to share. We're looking forward to helping brands create shareable video campaigns that'll identify with their audience. Maybe your brand is ready for a campaign too?

If so we'd love to hear from you!

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