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UC Online and the Woman Who Saved Lives

Here’s a dose of inspiration for your marketing plan.

When it comes to a client testimonial video production, the most compelling life-change creates the best engagement. Testimonials come from an outside perspective that say “Yep, these people are reliable.”

Fortunately, if you’re in the education industry you’re probably sitting on a gold mine of life-changing stories. Like this one. UC Online was approached by Wendy one day at a conference. She was so blown away by the master’s program that she wanted to provide a testimonial. UC passed her name onto us and we began to unlock the story.

During a pre-interview call, we discovered Wendy was a part of saving lives during a mass shooting in Dayton, Ohio. Not directly, but through implementing her master’s degree education from UC Online. Ok, that’s amazing. But our goal is to beat out the competition and get people to choose UC Online for their education. That’s where our educational video production expertise comes in. How can we tell this story so that it transcends the emotional shock and does good for the organization?

See it for yourself -

With any good testimonial video, a theme should rise to the surface that transcends the story. In this case, it was better policing. I can’t think of a stronger theme for the rising movement in our culture today. With a solid story, a strong theme, and a great education service to talk about, this customer testimonial video content was set up to thrive in all of UC Online’s paid media.

One thing to note: While yes, this is an actual amazing story, most people actually have a really great story to tell. We often run into the “average-mentality” when talking to interview subjects. Most people think they’re average and their story isn’t really that great. It takes an outside perspective to help form that story into something cohesive and impactful. The reward is amazing. They can’t believe that’s them on the camera.

Last thing to do with a testimonial video is to form it into a campaign rather than a one-shot video. Wendy’s interview took about an hour, so we had incredible bits to cut into 30 and 15 second videos. We call this “reducing video waste”. Wendy gave us all that time to film her, so let’s get the most out of it.

In particular, how about some A-B testing? Focusing just solely on the shooting may leave out people not in policing who are considering receiving their master's degree. UC Online had us cut a second version.

Next, for some more direct click-through call to actions we created multiple 15 and 30 second edits that solely focused on the positive experience with the program.

15 Second Cut

30 Second Cut

Now, we have a fully equipped marketing campaign that will cover all the bases across multiple digital platforms and strategies. What started as a simple review, turned into an incredibly inspiring story that celebrates Wendy and creates a stronger brand message for UC Online. Not-to-mention puts UC Online light-years ahead of their competition.

I hope you’re inspired to create some engaging, professional video content for your marketing campaign this year! A customer testimonial is a great way to start if you’ve never used video in your marketing plan.

If you have an idea or need inspiration for your organization, connect with us today! We’d love to partner with you to produce a creative video marketing campaign that brings results.

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