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Creating Genuine Video in Times of Crisis

Hey there it’s Adam from Iron House!

We hope you're healthy and staying positive right now, there’s a lot of unknown, and a lot of fear trying to creep in for business owners and employees alike. So, we as a team got together to come up with quick, easy ideas for companies to use video in a genuine, appropriate way to bring hope to people’s lives.

There are 3 main paths you can impact with video right now.

1st Path - Brand Awareness: No doubt people are on social media right now and you want to be seen and a part of it, but that doesn’t mean it’s a good time to be pushing a hard sell or a new product. We’ve been seeing ads (like this one) that do just that, and feel like they’re just exploiting the current situation for their gain. Your company’s message should be one of hope, empathizing with the realness of the situation, and making your customers the heroes of the story.

How can you do that right now? Think, do you have past footage that could be repurposed with a voiceover or some simple text? Again, it doesn’t have to be overproduced or complicated. A simple, clear message that says, "we’re here with you all and we’re going to get through this!" Stock footage sites are a good option, or even better could be sourcing phone and laptop footage to make a montage relevant to your companies heart and vision.

2nd Path - Customer Experience: Customer’s have lots of questions right now. So, what frequently asked questions are you dealing with? Are there concerns that are consistently popping up or new processes that need addressed? A simple informational video will do the trick and save hours of repetitive conversations for your sales, HR, and customer service teams. Talk to the department heads and find out where the repetition is happening in their days, and then create a simple clean, branded informational video to address the topic, kind of like we did here!

Last Path - Brand Affinity: this is the long term strategy to build love for your company.

Are there any stories that you could tell right now? Try using this time to talk internally to find out how everyone is being affected during these times. Should you document this moment in your company’s history? This could be a mile marker to remind your team how tough you all ACTUALLY are. These are questions that could help you begin to think of series you could produce that would connect on a shared value level with your customers.

And that's it! If you get genuine videos in these 3 paths you’ll be a brand that stands apart from the rest. But I’m curious what you think. What brands do you think are doing a good job? Which ones not so much? Comment and message us!

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