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Why Testimonial Videos Are Effective Advertisements

Testimonial Video Iron House Studios

Testimonial videos offer unbiased comments from your existing customers to help potential customers make a purchasing decision about your brand. Iron House Studios also refers to these as case study videos. Either way, this type of video production creates an audio-visual treat for your prospective customers. Iron House Studios explains why testimonial videos are effective advertisements for your company or nonprofit organization.

Real People

Testimonial videos feature real people, real clients, and real customers. These are not paid actors who know what to say in front of a camera. The people you see in testimonial videos mean what they say. They might happily talk about how your coffee changed their day for the better or how your lawn care service improved their property’s value. Messaging opportunities are endless.

Enhanced Word-of-Mouth Advertising

The best type of advertising happens by word-of-mouth because you don’t have to pay for it. Testimonial videos enhance the word-of-mouth process. Once someone sees and shares your Facebook video, others see it and share it. Eventually, a large group of potential customers views your genuine, heartfelt testimonial video. You invest in the video itself, and then the message spreads through interested parties via social media shares, office breakroom chats, and watching videos on mobile devices.

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Human Connection

Testimonial videos humanize your brand by making people-to-people connections. Potential customers relate better to someone genuinely talking about your brand. Rather than reading text on a page, your audience sees people interacting with and talking about your company. People connect with each other face-to-face and through videos. Testimonial videos put a human face on your brand, and that human touch sells products and services.

Improved Exposure

Testimonial videos strengthen your brand’s exposure across your target audience. For example, you share a 30-second snippet of the full 4-minute video on social media. People want to see the whole video on your website, so they go to the source and engage with your products and services. Engaging with your website gives you a chance to target ads to those users while convincing them to sign up for a newsletter, come by your store, or call about your services.

Testimonial Videos From Iron House Studios

Take a look at some of our testimonial videos to see what Iron House Studios can do for your brand. We put real customers and clients in front of a camera to showcase how your brand helps people achieve their goals. Contact Iron House Studios or call (812) 363-3802 for more information.


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