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Why Case Study Videos Always Outshine Text

Case Study Video Iron House Studios

Case study videos highlight positive customer experiences with your product or service. They serve as honest, genuine snapshots of a success story for your company. Iron House Studios specializes in video production in Cincinnati for brands who want to tell their genuine stories to attract customers and clients. Take a look at why case study videos always outshine textual content when it comes to telling your story.

Real Emotion

Imagine reading an intriguing story. You look at the text on the screen. It’s compelling copy, but something is missing. Case study videos showcase real emotions behind people’s words. You don’t find that with written text. Hearing and seeing the emotions behind someone’s eyes, because your product or service changed their lives for the better, hits home. The person on camera helps you understand what that customer went through with regards to your company.

Better Engagement

Genuine emotions in case study videos foster better engagement with potential customers and clients. That’s because the customer’s feelings are real. You can see the tears welling up and the broad smiles on the children of the family your company helped. Potential customers hear the excitement in a person’s voice as a customer touts your products or services. Humans thrive on emotions. So do your customers. Emotions keep people riveted to your case study video rather than the cold, black-and-white text.


Real emotions from real customers feature the authenticity of your brand. A case study video of a customer’s honest story can make audiences feel powerful emotions, such as joy, sadness, empathy, or excitement. Authentic emotions make case study videos more memorable and stand out in someone’s mind. Genuine emotions keep viewers involved and engaged in your video content, which in turn convinces them to invest in your products or services. Text doesn’t have nearly the appeal of viewing someone’s authentic experience in a case study video.


Modern humans consume video content voraciously. Facebook videos garner a total of 8 billion views per day. Average internet users spend 88 percent more time on a website with video compared to just text. When you utilize case study videos on your website and social media, your conversion rates increase. Text-based ads don’t have as much power as video in the advertising space.

Iron House Studios and Compelling Case Study Videos

Iron House Studios produces case study videos, B2B videos, and B2C videos that enhance your web presence. We take care of every aspect of video production in Cincinnati, from scripts and location selection to hiring talent and post-production. Contact Iron House Studios or call (812) 363-3802 to schedule a discovery call where we get to the heart of your brand’s message.

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