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Video That Helped Med-Mizer Thrive

click above to watch Brian's experience with Iron House Studios

“We were getting ready to launch a brand new product, super innovative, new technology, and we wanted a really creative video to help sell that to our customer base.”

Brian Roth, V.P. of Sales and Marketing had a new product he wanted to share and knew he needed a video to get the message across. At Med-Mizer, connecting with the customer is the key to their continued success. In this video, we led with empathy, highlighting the feeling the customer would recognize most with aging. After establishing the problem, we could then demonstrate Med Mizer’s authority on the subject. “Med-Mizer understands and created a bed that brings ease to this stressor.” Only after demonstrating to the customer you understand their problem will they be open to hearing your solution.

At Iron House Studios, we recognized that Brian needed a Brand Video. Previously, we shared Lee Ann from Truescan needing a brand video for her business as a whole. In this scenario, Brian needed a brand video for his product. He needed a video that would convert leads and support his sales staff when sharing this new product. When Brian came to Iron House Studios, he had some creative ideas, but through the creative process, we uncovered the heart of the customers’ problem which led to an incredibly effective brand video. Brian shared, “You took simple ideas, simple themes, and messages I presented and drove the big picture of what I wanted. I thought I really had something in my mind that you all would deliver to us, and you exceeded it.” We don’t want to just give the businesses we work with a pretty video with award-winning qualities, we want to produce a video that will connect with your customer on a personal level.

There are big challenges when trying to set yourself apart from other businesses in your industry, all while engaging with your customer in a genuine way. With this new cinematic brand video for the Med-Mizer ActiveCare™ Bed, Brian now has a video and a marketing message all-in-one to share with families looking to help their loved ones age-in-place.

Brian touches on another reason he needed video when sharing, “Right now, we are facing a big healthcare challenge with the current environment by not being able to meet and see customers face-to-face, so we’ve been able to use the video as a means to highlight some of the product’s attributes to the customer base which has really helped accelerate our sales and revenue.”

Video is crucial to bringing your customers clarity and helping you thrive as a business. Are you a business that needs to cut through the competitor noise and connect with you customers online? A brand video will resolve those stressors. Click here to schedule a free assessment!

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