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Video That Helped Dooley Social Studio Thrive

click above to watch Keri's experience with Iron House Studios

Keri Stephens, Chief Operating Officer of Dooley Social Studios shares, “[As a digital marketing agency] there is a lot of trust with who we have on our filming day site [with videographers we hire]” She then goes on to say, “Iron House Studios is my first choice for video because there is a trust built up with them and that takes a load off of my plate because I know they are going to get it right the first time.” Trust is built because we don’t aim to trick you in long, drawn-out contracts and retainers. Our simple structure and clear communication help us spend more time on the video and messaging and less time on legal jargon.

At Iron House Studios, we know there are a lot of video companies out there that pride themselves on producing award-winning video but don’t invest in the relationship with their customers or the agencies that they collaborate with during the video process. Trust is huge for us. We know for agencies that many issues arise when offering video services to their clients: in-house efforts usually come up short, the video process is tedious and complicated, freelancers can be unreliable or unprofessional, and that the quality look requires expensive equipment.

We’ve relieved these issues for agencies by offering affordable retainer options that allow the agency to win with their client. We understand that time is money and that good video shouldn’t take months to make. Keri talks on what we mean by this when saying, “Most times we aren’t creating 1 video that lives on for a company. We are creating a series of videos that are time sensitive.”

Are you an agency that is tired of outsourcing video to untrustworthy freelancers or are weary of doing video at all? Set up a call today and we can help you create video that you are proud to offer your client.

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