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Crispy, Tipsy Brand Pairings

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

Here is a shot of creativity to inspire your next video project.

One way to break into new networks of customers is to pair with like-minded brands. That’s exactly what WX Brands did with their Kroger-exclusive wine selection when they partnered with Parm Crisps. The result was a fun shoot that produced stunning, professional video content that was used in digital paid ads.

First the idea…

We looked at each brand and decided what emotion the ads should convey based on when they would be viewed. For this particular campaign, we took into consideration the hopefulness of spring and the excitement our nation would be feeling as we near the end of the pandemic mandates. The thought was,

“Let’s convey the simplicity of pairing wine with Parm Crisps as you run out the door to spend time at the park.”

The emotion had to be fun and joyful. (I think we all need a break from the sad, gut-wrenching advertisements we’ve been watching over the past year.)

However, looking out the window at the time of the shoot revealed a much bigger problem. It wasn’t spring. There’s a foot of snow on the ground...Amazon came to the rescue! We Amazon Primed some artificial turf to the studio and shot the entire spring digital ad indoors. Voila!

In order to get that “fun pop-y” feeling, we decided to use stop-motion. Stop-motion is great for bringing life to things that aren’t alive. Naturally, we couldn’t have been happier with the results. See for yourself!

One thing you should always consider when producing corporate video marketing video projects is reducing “video waste” by pulling out all the extra bits for social media that you may need. If you’re putting all this effort into a high-quality shoot, you have to plan for more than one video. When considering budget, the shoot is always the heavy part of your expense. Editing is the lightest expense. With a little junior high math, you increase your return on investment by adding multiple deliverables. Using that approach, we created multiple spots and photos to turn the video project into a robust campaign.

Key Take-a-ways

  • Partnering with other brands helps expose your product to new networks.

  • When creating a campaign, consider the emotion you want to convey based on the feeling in culture at the time the campaign will launch.

With a minimal team, fresh idea, patience, and 8 hours, we created a campaign that would do good for the brands involved. I hope you’re inspired to create some engaging video content for your marketing campaign this year!

If you have an idea or need inspiration for your organization, reach out to our team today! We’d love to partner with you to produce a creative video marketing campaign that brings results.

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