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How to Keep People Watching || "Film Better Genuine Content" Series

We all want our videos to be engaging, heck, binge-worthy if possible! At Iron House Studios we believe what you say matters, but so does the style in which you film it. Here's a "how-to" series to show you exactly how to improve the way you film so you can improve trust and commitment with the people that matter most. Customers... Those are the people that matter most to a business...

So how do you create videos for your company that people actually want to watch? It can be frustrating, but we believe there’s a right and a wrong way to do it. People are most likely experiencing your brand for the first time digitally, but that doesn’t mean it has to feel digital, or disingenuous. In fact, with the right intentions, you can capture meaningful content with your customers and your team - no fancy actors needed. So let's dig into some practical tips on how to film better genuine content.

There are 2 main styles of content creation that are the best for capturing authentic content. Let’s talk about the first one that we see most often with small to mid-size companies.

A lot of your favorite netflix shows are filmed like a cinematic documentary. This is where you can tell things are practical and authentic, but also a little planned and intentional. This style shows up in the Brand Affinity & Brand Awareness stages with products like, Cinematic Mini-Series, About Us Videos, & Customer Stories - The emotional driving stuff.

Well enough reading... at this point you gotta watch the videos! Go to the series here.

What stood out to you? Got any other tips that you’ve tried and can’t live without? Share em with us!


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