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Behind-the-Scenes of an Animated Wine Project

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

As few as 15 years ago, the cultural powerhouse that is the internet held a mere fraction of the influence it holds today. So over the past decade, little-by-little brands have chosen to take the leap by advertising on social media. However, not all stakeholders in brands see the value, yet.

One of our favorite clients, WX Brands, found themselves in a similar situation when it came to their company’s instagram account known as Corks + Cheers. Despite increasing traffic to their instagram profile, which was helping drive sales of their products in store, stakeholders in the company struggled to see further opportunities through instagram, and so refused to provide additional funding for the social media strategy. Corks + Cheers realized they needed a partner to help them visualize the data behind why social media marketing is so impactful. They decided to reach out to Iron House Studios to utilize our video and motion design expertise in presenting this message. Here’s how we did it.


The first step to creating an engaging animated video is a strong conceptual plan. Thanks to Animation’s visual clarity and its ability to inherently simplify complex topics, it's an engaging and low-cost way to communicate a clear message for online audiences. It took layers of writing and storyboards to conceptualize our video. Before performing any complex animation, we made an animatic video to align with our client and receive feedback. (See Below)

Key factors for a great animated video; clear vision, passion on set, and pure grit in the editing room.

For real though… engaging content isn’t formed out of nowhere. It’s formed from layers and layers of thoughtful intention built on top of each other. And it’s the perfect balance of these elements that will ultimately lead to the best and brightest content.


Now it’s done. The final video that had so much love and care built into it is ready to make its debut into the world. One of the most satisfying and fulfilling parts of creating a video is seeing a smile on the client’s face. After the video was finalized, WX Brands presented it to their stakeholders and received an overwhelming positive reaction. WIN.


We get that it’s scary to hop into Social Media Marketing at first. It can be a beast! The online landscape can often feel like a cut throat battle of who can hold a consumer's attention for the longest. But with a good combination of authenticity, a clear message, and bright animation, you can cut through the clutter by providing entertaining, useful content that people want to watch. Animation is like a wave of colors. Or a wonderfully painted picture coming to life. And in my opinion, it’s that tender love and care that you put into a video that truly makes a difference when attempting to reach people.

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