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Elements Every Successful B2B Video Should Have

B2B Video on Tablet

Iron House Studios takes pride in making heartfelt, genuine videos that build trust with your customers. We express your brand’s voice, emotions, and people in a B2B video that makes a connection with your audience. Our professional video productions don’t sell products or services — they sell your message. Iron House Studios explains elements that every successful B2B video should have.


Every B2B video must have emotion. If your messaging doesn’t create an emotional connection with potential clients, your marketing falls on deaf ears. People love to laugh. If your company has a funny side, use it in a video production. Genuine videos also tug at your heartstrings. Making someone tear up or say “Awww” creates a huge first impression for your brand. Emotions create physical memories in the brain that potential clients can recall for later. An emotional B2B video is part of that memorable impression.

Customer Experience

People love video. It’s the next best thing to seeing something in person. Consider the latest GoPro video of a surfer in Hawaii or a livestream of massive beasts on the wild savannahs of Africa. The stunning visuals of riding waves or roaming animals are almost like being there yourself. The same is true with a B2B video. Take a tour of your facilities to give potential clients a look at where your products or services happen. Display profiles of your employees. View a “day in the life” of what your company does. And don’t forget to add emotion to your customer experience.

Solving a Problem

Your products and services address a specific problem. Perhaps your landscaping company beautifies lawns all over Cincinnati. Maybe your IT techs keep computer systems working efficiently 24/7. Whatever your company’s purpose, a B2B video demonstrates how your firm solves a problem that a potential customer has. You can still get that message across while highlighting the heart and soul of your company.

One Single Aspect of Your Business

Your company has a lot going for it. However, you can’t put everything you sell into a single B2B video. Think about a series of videos to showcase one product or service at a time. One 30-second spot could focus on a car lot’s SUVs while another focuses on sedans. A video could tout your clean lodging in Cincinnati, and a second one is all about the food at your property’s restaurant. You have endless opportunities to connect with your audience in a short video, but various customers have different problems to solve. That’s why more than one B2B video is essential as you market your company.

B2B Video from Iron House Studios

A B2B video from Iron House Studios, an experienced Cincinnati video production company, helps you build trust with your customers. Your video demonstrates the genuine voice and culture of your business. Contact us today or give us a call at (812) 363-3802 to learn more about our process.

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