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An Inside Look at Our Process with Iron House Studios

Video Production Set

Welcome to Iron House Studios! We’re a dedicated video production company who transforms the passion of your brand into a video message. Our team takes pride in capturing the essence of your company and engaging the hearts and minds of your customers. We believe that genuine communication builds trust. Take a look at how we do this with an inside tour of our process here at Iron House Studios.

Initial Call

We begin with a phone call with your staff. We have an honest discussion about your brand’s values and vision. The overall goal is to discover the emotional core of your company and what you want to communicate to your customers. Does your company resonate with humor or tugging at heartstrings? Do you want to emphasize your services or something unique about your business? Iron House Studios gets to the emotional heart of your brand’s message to make an authentic connection with your audience.

Creative Plan

A creative plan is what we call pre-production in the video world. The staff at Iron House Studios outlines every step of video production, from a shooting schedule and script development to the talent we need to hire and the employees you want in your narrative ads. We take care of every detail in the planning of your video production.

On the Set

Shooting day is both hectic and exhilarating. This is when we turn your vision into a real, tangible item. We record talent and employees in front of a video camera at your chosen location. We can show you immediate, on-set results thanks to digital equipment that saves video and audio to a computer. Our staff can consult with you right away in case you want a retake or a different angle on a shot. Your satisfaction is our goal at Iron House Studios.

Get a Video

After we shoot all the footage we need, it’s time for editing and post-production. We synchronize the video and audio, add any music, and generate photos from the shoot. You get shareable videos and photos for all of your marketing campaigns. You receive a video that genuinely says who you are and wins the hearts of customers. Your unique voice comes through. A video from Iron House Studios makes an authentic first impression with potential customers.

Commercial Video Production at Iron House Studios

Let’s make something awesome! Iron House Studios wants to turn your unique brand into a tangible message for customers. Contact us online or give us a call at (812) 363-3802 for more information.

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