Creative Marketing Video Production

for Your Industry

Iron House Studios offers engaging marketing video production for healthcare, non-profits, education, and corporate industries. Within these 4 industries lies stories that need to be told through video. When stories are told through video a business can effectively integrate it into their marketing plan and create engagement across any digital platform.

Every business needs professional video content,

and we're here to help.

We love producing professional video advertising content in a different way. We focus on telling stories that engage and build trust with your audience rather than producing click-bait ads or the old "talking-heads" strategy that people ignore.


We recognize your organization is fighting for engagement across all digital platforms. We're here to help you find the most timeless stories to win people's trust. 

The healthcare industry needs engaging video that will show off not only their equipment and capabilities, but the patients, the doctors, the nurses, and all other medical staff that make the organization great.


Non-profits need fundraising. They need testimonials to show how their organization is changing lives so they can continue raising money to further their mission.


The education system grows through testimonials of alumni, students, teachers, professors, and administrators sharing their experiences and heart behind why they do what they do.


The corporate industry’s audience can be broad. We have partnered with marketing managers who need to tell the story of their brand. These stories span from their customers to their CEO. Iron House helps these companies stand out with professional video content that connects deeper than a written testimonial.


Professional marketing video production services


If you are working for an organization that's in the industry of healthcare, education, non-profit, or corporate, schedule a call and meet with our team for a targeted marketing video.


We would love to tell your stories so you can stand out in a competitive digital space.